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Our next essay is an evaluation. What does evaluation suggest to you?

Key and Peele – Sexy Vampires

Dracula as Palimpsest

pal·imp·sest – a manuscript or piece of writing material on which the original writing has been effaced to make room for later writing but of which traces remain.

  • something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form.

Dracula 1798 novel > Dracula 1931 Film > Dracula 1992 Film > Twilight books and movies

Or Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned

Incredible Hulk > Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde > Frankenstein and His Monster

Monster Theory

  1. Thesis I. The Monster’s Body Is a Cultural Body (4)
  2. Thesis II. The Monster Always Escapes (4)
  3. Thesis III. The Monster Is the Harbinger of Category Crisis (6)
  4. Thesis IV. The Monster Dwells at the Gates of Difference (7)
  5. Thesis V. The Monster Polices the Borders of the Possible (12)
  6. Thesis VI. Fear of the Monster Is Really a Kind of Desire (16)
  7. Thesis VII. The Monster Stands at the Threshold . . . of Becoming (20)

Monster Theory Class Notes

IGN Dracula Untold Review

What do you think is the purpose of the evaluation?

Evaluations: What is it and Why do it?

Good walk through that explains evaluations more in depth. Even though it is for a program, many of the ideas apply to your Monster evaluations.


We evaluate, or review, everything from pizza, restaurants, movies, and even professors. Commentary and criticism of all sorts just happen. Doing them well is another matter.

Rate my professor: Professor Ramos 

Sample Evaluations

The Realm of the Pale Man

Medusa! Monstrous Creature Representative of Feminism

I am Fire, I am Death, I Smell a Barbeque

These Humanoid Machines Are After More Than Just Your Manufacturing Job

Monster List of Monsters

Serial Killers
Jeffrey Dahmer
Headless Horsemen
La Llorona
Lochness Monster
Leather Face
Incredible Hulk
Abominable Snowman
White Walkers
The Government
Darth Vader
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
OJ Simpson
The Joker
The Reverse Flash
Dexter the serial killer
The Scarecrow
The Mummy
Grizzly Bear
The Boogieman
A ghost
Evil spirit
European witches
Mythological witches
King kong
Kim Jung Un
Edward Scissor Hands
Jason Vorhees
Freddy Kruger
Michael Myers
Chucky and the bride of chucky
The Devil
Elvira Mistress
Hannibal Lecter
Monsters inc
Count von Count
Cookie Monster
The Grouch
Tooth Fairy


Quick Write

Our next essay is an evaluation.

Evaluation Notes

Writing an Evaluation: It is one thing to offer an opinion, yet it is an entirely different matter to back up a claim with reasons and evidence. Only when you do will readers take you seriously.

Explain your mission: Just what do you intend to evaluate and for whom? Are you writing for experts, a general audience, or novices? How much explaining do you need to do so that you audience follows you without getting annoyed with to much information.

Establish and defend criteria: Criteria are the standards by which objects are measured.

Successful presidents leave office with the country in better shape than when they entered.

When readers are likely to share your criteria, you need to explain little about them. When readers disagree or object, be prepared to defend your principles.

Remember: Monster Theory (Seven Theses) is a great starting point for establishing criteria. 

Offer convincing evidence: Evidence makes the connection between an opinion and the criteria for evaluation that supports it. Supply data to show that a product you judged faulty didn’t meet those minimal standards.

Offer worthwhile advice: Some evaluations are just for fun. Done right, most evaluations and reviews provide usable information, beneficial criticism or even ranked choices.

We evaluate everything from pizza, restaurants, movies, and even professors. Commentary and criticism of all sorts just happen. Doing them well is another matter. Here is a useful explanation of an evaluation to help you out.

The Evaluation Essay

Using Sources

What are the ways you can use sources in your essay?

  • Explain
  • Provide information
  • Examples
  • Credibility
  • Quotes
  • Research data
  • Ideas!

Quote Sandwich

One of the most important skills you can learn in academic writing is how to incorporate sources. To help remember this, we will use the metaphor of the quotation sandwich.


The Quote Sandwich. Introduce the Quote, Quote, explain the quote.

Do not drive by quote. When you quote or use a source you have to explain it and use it. The quote sandwich is why you cannot start or end a paragraph with a quote.

Movie Review

‘The Hunger Games’: EW Review

Lisa Schwarzbaum is reviewing “The Hunger Games” movie.

  • Does she acknowledge what her mission is and who her audience is?
  • What criteria does she establish for it to succeed?
  • Does she anticipate her audience’s questions and reactions?
  • Does she address any differences between the book and movie?
  • What is her grade or judgment of the movie?