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Professor Ramos


7 May 2019


          Everybody fears a certain something. Being buried alive, drowing, crushed, murdered, or abduction, but the dark is one of the most terrifying for people. Why? Because we can’t see what can see us. As soon as the sun goes down, the lights turn off and everything gets silent, we suddenly get cautious. There are so many things in this world that we have no idea about, we know so little to what the world has to offer. We hear about things, myths, folktales but we don’t get lucky enough to actually witness it. Our eyes are our only proof. Now-a-days in this generation nobody believes anything anyone says until they actually witness it. Bigfoot, the lochness monster, aliens, ghosts, horrifying creatures, and dark entities are all things we can’t define as real or not. An entirely great number of monsters live in the dark….the worst ones. But the real question is, who is slenderman?

Disturbing is the right word to describe him. He savors abducting children and making them go psychotic. He loves to stalk his prey, he stalks them for years then kidnaps them. During those years his prey starts to undergo “slendersickness” which causes vomit, nosebleeds, dark nightmares, hallucinations, memory loss, insomnia, and extensive paranoia. This sickness is highly contagious, and those who are around the sickness are most likely to become his next victims. If you record in the woods or by yourself in the dark, and your video recorder starts to glitch out of control, you would know if he is around you or not. He places drawings all around the woods or even dark mysterious places. The drawings have sketches of him and extoic symbols. Rumors have it that he stores children and eats them. People who are infected by this sickness are controlled by Slenderman himself or the force that influences him.

          Although Slender Man may not be real, the night crawler does live among the night and pierced into the minds of his fans and admirers during the day, he infected two twelve year old girls Anissa E. Weier and Morgan E. Geyser, they met Slender man on  Creepypasta Wiki. A website that has a numerous amount of stories about monsters. Both Anissa and Morgan believed Slenderman to be real and decided that they wanted to prove his extences, and their loyalty to slenderman. The two girls wanted to become his proxies, allowing them to live in the slenderman mansion with slenderman and being of service to slenderman. They also believed that if they didn’t prove their loyalty to him Slenderman will hurt their families. Therefor Anissa and Morgan proseded to luer their friend Payton Leutner into the woods by her house to stab her 19 times intending to sacrifice her for slenderman, fourtually Leutner survived. The stabbing was first considered as a first- degree intentional homicide then turned into  a second-degree attempted homicide in adult court. Both Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser pleaded guilty to in 2014. Investigators have came to the conclusion that Morgan Geyser was the co-defendant to Anissa Weier who lowered their friend Payton Leutner into the woods to kill. Geyser was ordered to 40 years in a mental institution and Anissa Weier was ordered to 25 years to a mental health institution. As terrible as this is looks to the eyes and heart of any human with morals, they’re people in our society who truly believe in monsters such as Anissa and Morgan. This proves how effective this monster is in his stories and in real life.

            Slenderman is a nightmare come to life, a nightmare turned into a reality. Slenderman has a unique presence. He is extremely tall, he wears a black suit, very slim, his skin is as white as ice and his face? He has no face. He has many names, the tall man, fear dubh, the black king, and the one that haunts most people, SlenderMan.  He has many abilities and can adapt to anything. He can adjust his height up to fifteen feet tall. He can transform his own arms into razor-sharp tentacles and has the ability to expand his tentacles from his back and his shoulders to make his prey fear him more and won’t be able to escape. Slenderman also has the ability to control someone’s mind, teleport through space and time, being completely silent and cannot be detected, and can trace his prey no matter where they hide or how fast they run. He will always be following you, and will always be one step ahead of you.

  Last year in August of 2018, they released the film, “Slender Man”. It was rate three out of ten on IMDb. Although the rating was awful, the visuals and effects were great, but the plot was cheap. This movie was located in Massachusetts, where a group of girls were just wondering through the internet looking to see if the urban legend of Slenderman was true or not. They came across a website, and had directions to summon the urban legend with a ritual. The group of girls were hesitant but they wanted to prove a group of guys that the legend wasn’t true. After a couple days of doing the ritual, they start to experience miraculous things around them and making them start thinking that maybe the legend is true… . The group of girls went on a field trip together by a cemetery. They start talking about the ritual after they realized that one of their friends were gone. Silently. Suddenly, they all knew Something was wrong. Slenderman targeted his new prey.

          Slenderman has a really tight grip on our society. He infects the children and kids that are surfing the deep online web, making them feel more than determined that he and his abilities are real. Slenderman can cause anxiety and deep fear for these kids that are searching him up. He can also affect kids who already have mental health issue even more, it is extremely important to keep them away from these things because he can cause hallucinations and bad nightmares.


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