Allison Lopez 

Professor Ramos 

English 1B 

7 May 2019 

There have been numerous monsters that have existed throughout history. They have done unspeakable acts towards other human beings. A specific monster known as John Wayne Gacy was a disturbing monster that existed on this earth. He sexually abused 33 young boys and took their lives. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. Before he was put to death, his final words were “Kiss my ass”. He did not care for the lives of others, and did what he pleased to do. He was a murder that needed to suffer more for his detrimental actions. 

            Between the years of 1968 – 1980 33 boys were sexually assaulted and their lives were taken away from them by a man name John Wayne Gacy. Gacy grew up in a terrible home, where his father was a drunk and would constantly abuse him and his siblings. After time, Gacy came to the realization that he was attracted to men and inappropriately acted on those desires. He began to lure young boys under the age of eighteen, and he would sexually assault them. For him, it began with sexually assaulting the boys but boys would later on accuse him of rape and Gacy would find himself in trouble with the law. Gacy then moved on not only raping young boys but murdering them and burying their bodies under his house. He would lure his victims with the promise of construction work, most young boys were looking for work and so when the job opportunity was presented to them, they took advantage. Gacy would invite them to his house and it was later discovered that often times when he would murder the boys, he would pose as his alter ego. According to Thoughtco he was dubbed the “killer Clown” because he entertained children at parties and hospitals as “Pogo the Clown”. He retrieved that costume killed thirty-three young boys and he not only took their lives but, in the process, destroyed the boys’ families. He took a loved one from thirty-three families and caused an immense amount of grief that he can never take back. He inflicted such pain and heartache, that nothing he ever did could ever repair the lives of the families.  

            Monsters such as John Wayne Gacy are how we perceive the world. The world is not a happy place all the time, sure there are moments where all is good and everyone is content. However, there are a lot of dark moments in this world, there are a lot of monsters that created those dark moments to occur. if the monsters that created the dark moments in history to occur obviously saw the world in negative light, their view of the world was terrible and so they acted upon those views. Even if the monsters were not real and we created characters, those are created by people who do not view that the world is good because it is not, it is flawed greatly? The characters that are created, those monsters that are created are there because secretly we desire to be like them.But because it is socially unacceptable to desires to be like a monster, we mask those feelings and create a character that does not exist and we discreetly relate to them. In addition to that concept, monsters are also created because they help us cope. The vampires and monsters that are created is society, but it is masked. When it comes to a real-life monster such as John Wayne Gacy that is where it become unacceptable. John Wayne Gacy took his desires and went down a very dark path and never came back, he was created because he did not know how to handle his childhood psychologically, the issues that he went through really played with his mind, and what was right and wrong. He grew up with a distorted mindset and he chose to act on his desires in a cruel and terrible way. Where it only satisfied himself. 

    There have been numerous monsters throughout history and the main thing that they all have in common is that they have ill intent. John Wayne Gacy is one of those monsters, even during an interview he once stated that he should not be compared to other cold blood murders because he was nothing like them, despite the very blatant fact that he was. Gacy had a massive amount of ill intent toward young boys. His actions proved that he had a sick mind and cared for no one but himself and what satisfied his fleshly desires. What added to the image that he created for himself was the manner in which the acts were committed and the amount. It is evident that he had fun with it. He would put on a different identity, often times when he would commit such horrendous acts he would put a clown suit, one that he acquired from his work. He took pleasure in what he did, he did it over and over and over and over again because of the enjoyment. He committed this act about 33 times to 33 different boys, which does not only affect the boys but their families. This one man took a life away from 33 different families, he tore apart 33 families. The most disturbing part of this all was that as a child he was abused, not sexually but his father would beat him up. Gacy had that knowledge of what it was like to be abused and he still chose to abuse other young boys. Another disturbing fact is that, he himself had his own family. He got married to a woman despite his attractiveness towards men and he had children with his wife. He was married and divorced twice. He felt the atmosphere of a family, knowing what it was like to have children, he still chose to hurt other young boys. He did not take into consideration that affect that it would have on the boys and their families. What cannot be comprehended is that he himself had children, and I am sure that he had at least some sort of positive of positive feeling towards them. He may not have loved them, or maybe he did, but what is hard to wrap my mind around is that how could a father sexually abuse and murder so many young boys, 33 to be exact. A father despite him a good one or not, should never ever in any circumstance do what John Wayne Gacy did. I believe that justice was not entirely served to him, I wish he would have been tortured for every boy that he murdered and sexually abused, I wish that he would have died a slow long agonizing death. The families that he affected have to live with the loss of their loved ones, and will always have to carry that pain with them. John Wayne Gacy was a terrible human being, who should have suffered a lot more.  

    All in all, the crimes that Mr. Gacy committed were actions that were not right by any means and can never be pardonable. He had ill intent towards the boys and caused a massive amount of grief to a numerous amount of families. He had the audacity to bury his multiple victims under his house and he always kept them close by him. In the interviews Gacy felt no type of remorse not regret, he did what he did and he enjoyed it. He was a monster in our society and the punishment that he received should have been a lot harsher. He got off easy.

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