Balynda Eckley

Professor Ramos

English 1B

8 May 2019


Growing up there are many things that are parents tell us in order to try to keep us in line. One of which is La Llorona. It is known that she likes to take little children and drown them. Can you imagine you are lying in your room the wind is blowing outside but you hear it distinctive voice crying out “Mis Hijos” (“My Children”) well that her and she is coming for you. Why do we make these kind of stories? But most of all what lead to La Llorona doing what she did. I think there had  jealousy, anger and revenge in order for this to happen.

The legend goes, there was a woman by the name of Maria she was described to be extremely beautiful and she came from a poor family. She was so beautiful she captured the attention of men both rich and poor. She was known to spend her days in her humble surroundings but as evening would come she would dress in her best white gown walking around her village and teasing  the man. One day as Maria was walking through her village a rich Noble man saw her an instantly fell in love. Not too long after that the rich Noble man proposed to Maria to which she had agreed.  The couple married then soon built a house near Maria’s village. As time passed she gave birth to two sons. Maria cared for her sons an husband deeply to which in return the husband would give her gifts at first. Unfortunately her husband traveled frequently and Maria did not see him as much. The more he was away from her he lost love for her but he had much love for his two sons and spent most of his time with them. While Maria was in the village one day she caught her husband with another woman.  

This women was said to be  younger and much more beautiful  than Maria. This made Maria jealous and filled with anger. The anger of feeling unloved by her husband and the jealousy of seeing him love someone else took over her. She was blinded by what had happened Maria went into a rage turning against her children knowing that her husband truly loved his sons. She decided to take revenge on him, she took her sons to the Santa Fe River and drowned them. When she realized what she had done, she tried to save them by jumping in the River herself  but it was too late. Maria broke down saddened with grief weeping, wailing and screaming the beautiful Maria mourned them day and night “La Llorona.” During this time she would refuse to eat she would walk along the River screaming for her sons as she continued to refuse to eat she grew thinner and looked as though she was taller still a young woman she died on the banks of the River. (Fuller, Amy)

No one really knows where this legend started. But as stated from Candelaria Cordelia from her article on the Chaffey scholarly website. She remembers growing up and her mom telling her this story to keep her from going out late at night or even just to settle down her siblings when they were getting rowdy in the house. This was something to keep children in line you basically threaten them that La Llorona is going to come and get you and take you to drown you just like she did with her kids. So it puts fear in little kids that are misbehaving.

Even though this is just a legend it is known that jealousy can be something very destructive to a relationship. As stated from David M. Buss From the La Times website, Jealousy is possibly the most destructive emotion in a relationship it can cause a lot of suffering it can cause weight loss, anxiety and depression. “By scanning the brains of volunteers who are instructed to imagine their lovers having sex with other people, neuroscientists have found that jealous emotions excite the amygdala and hypothalamus, brain structures linked with both sexual and aggressive behavior. Jealousy also stimulates the posterior superior temporal sulcus, which activates when an individual tries to discern the intentions of others or perceives that social norms are being violated. Even merely imagining our partner in the arms of a rival causes substantial physiological distress — a heart that races, electrodermal activity skyrocketing with a profusion of sweat, and muscular tension.”( David M. Buss). I know this is just a legend but there are stories of women killing their children and so for me the legend of La Llorona’s jealousy had to play a part for her to do what she did. She was unable to cope with the pain that she was feeling and so she decided to take the lives of her children. This is what leads me to my next point.

Anger is something normal that we all experience it’s how we manage this anger that counts. According to an article from Michigan Medicine University of Michigan anger is a response in your body known as a “fight or flight” and this can either be a positive or negative response. It can cause an outrage of hostility and violence. When it turns violent it can become very damaging to those who are around you. “Violence causes more injury and death in children, teenagers, and young adults than infectious disease, cancer, or birth defects. Murder, suicide, and violent injury are the leading causes of death in children. Violence with guns is one of the leading causes of death of children and teenagers in the United States.” I think this is part of the cause of why La Llorona killed her kids she was angry that her husband had cheated on her so she turned to violence.

There is no doubt that revenge is something that most people think about. Such as when someone cuts you up do you ever think I hope the police pulls them over. Or do you ever think that someone will get their’s such as karma. According to  Karyn Hall Ph.Dc “Researchers and theorists believe that revenge is a form of establishing justice and that the threat of revenge may serve as a form of protection, a kind of enforcement of social cooperation.” “ People who have been hurt or betrayed seem to believe without any doubt that if the other party suffers, then they will feel better–their emotional pain will lessen.”  La Llorona wanted revenge towards her husband because he had cheated and he was spending more time with his children. So she decided to kill them. Maybe she thought this would make her feel better.

In conclusion the cause of what La Llorona did was based on her jealousy, anger and revenge all of these had to be in place for this tragic event to have happened.  She could not handle seeing him with another woman this made her jealous and angry that she was unable to have him for herself so the revenge that she got was killing his most prized possession his children. Even though this is just a legend parents still uses today to try to keep their kids in line. I think that this could also be a lesson for children and for adults, to teach them to not let jealousy, anger and revenge control your life. Throughout our life we might all experience these feelings but knowing how to control them and not let them control us can definitely help so no one ends down the same path as La Llorona.