As unfortunate as it is to say murder cases are nothing new to the society of America, however it is not often that a case like Theodore Bundy exists. Theodore Bundy was quite the character, almost convincing the public that he was innocent and that law enforcement had the wrong guy in custody. Ted Bundy was very famous in his day, and attempted to utilize that to his advantage but in the end it ultimately failed. The life of Ted Bundy a disaster to say the least, there are three main causes that can be traced that gives insight as to why he did what he did in the manner in which he did.

Ted Bundy is surprising to say the least. He took the lives of more than thirty women, and it was evident that he put a lot of thought and effort in to the murders to ensure that he would not get caught thus allowing him to continue with his terrible actions. He first began his killings by posing as injured or disabled man. Before killing, he took out the passenger seat from his Volkswagen, that way he could drive with his victims while being in incognito.  He would pretend to have a fake cast on his arm or his leg, and he would ask for some help loading luggage into his car or whatever it was at the time. The girl or girls would often times of course help a man that appeared to be injured, and it unfortunately led them to their death. Once they began helping Bundy, he would hit them on the head with a crowbar knocking them unconscious. He would then take those victims and he would rape them, and would mutilate the body. One interesting and yet disgusting fact that should be noted is the order in which he committed the murder. He would attract the girl he had his eyes on, when he was able to get her in a secluded area, he would knock her out with a crowbar, after that he would stuff the unconscious body in his car. Once that was completed, he would kill them, making sure they were dead, after he knew that young woman was dead, he then proceeds to rape the corpse which is known as necrophilia. After he was done, he would then dispose of the body to his stomach-turning liking which involved leaving them in wooded area. According to an online article named, “’The very definition of heartless evil’: The story of Ted Bundy” states “For a time he fooled everyone”  Ted Bundy never appeared as the type of person who would do such horrible things, given that he had a girlfriend that he never displayed an ounce of anything that would give her or anyone a sign that he could do such a thing. Also, given the fact that at the time he was so focused in school and becoming something out of himself, when he was questioned by police often times he was released because he did not fit the criteria well enough to be considered a suspect. He was eventually able to be arrested and charged because he was found with possession of burglary tools and then from that point everything began to unravel and the police began to connect the dots. Even throughout his trial he was oddly enough still able to attract a serious number of girls for the wrong reasons. He became famous, a lot of girls still found him quite attractive and would attend the hearings when possible. During his imprisonment he was managed to discover a way to escape, not only once but twice. During one of his escapes he had no trouble finding girls what found him attractive, and because of his looks he was able to locate his victims quite easily. Hence the reason when he escaped, he murdered two sorority girls, and he bludgeoned four they were all a part of the Chi Omega Sorority. Immediately after, he preceded to the house right next to the Chi Omega Sorority, he forced himself inside the house and he maliciously beat another girl, when the roommates phoned the police. However, the most surprising thing was that he never pleaded guilty to anything until the day of his death.

    One of the causes for those horrible and numerous murders is believed to be linked to his childhood. According to John Jenkins from an article called “Encyclopaedia Britannica” states the following “Bundy had a difficult childhood; he had a strained relationship with his stepfather and his shyness made him a frequent target of bullying” It was noted that when he was a child, he was extensively anti-social. He would rather keep to himself than to go and play with other kids. He would categorize himself as a lonely and shy child, who felt as if the attention was almost never directed towards him. He felt as if the attention was more so directed towards his younger siblings, who in fact were not even his full siblings. They were his step-father Johnnie Bundy’s kids from a previous marriage. Not only that but, it is also believed that he suffered from attachment disorder in his childhood. When he was young, his mother would pose as his sister and not his mother, which would in turn caused an effect on the developing brain of the young Ted Bundy at that time. HIs mother was not equipped to become a mother at that time, in addition to that large factor, she was not married. She gave birth to the murderer Ted Bundy in a shelter where unwed mothers went to give birth. After she gave birth, she did not identify herself as Ted Bundy’s mother, but rather as his sister. He grew up believing that his mother was his sister, when in reality it was his biological mother. With that occurring for a large part of his childhood naturally the disorder of a lack of attachment with his mother began to creep in and spread like cancer. All these events over time began to pile on him emotionally and eventually psychologically causing him to react in the manner that he did.

    Another leading cause to his monstrous behaviors was his strange behavior of looking for discarded pornographic material and his behavior of peeping in the windows. According to CBN news on Gibbons article ted Bundy had previously stated, “I would keep looking for more potent, more explicit, more graphic kinds of material” As he grew older, he naturally began to become more and more interested in woman sexually. While walking the streets of his hometown he would fervently search for pornographic material for his sexual gratification. After some time of simply seeing erotic pictures of girls in sexual positions grew boring and unpleasurable, the desire to see more and feel more grew larger and larger until he would actually look for open windows where women would be undressing or bathing etc. He desired women more and more and began to develop the craving to control women as much as possible, he wanted to be in charge. In addition to those actions, when he would listen to the radio, to make himself feel important and have some sort of entitlement he would mimic important politicians. In other words, he had this fantasy of being someone else, someone that was important and worth all the attention in the world, especially from women.

The third leading cause to his actions was his criminal past prior to the killings and the breakup with his girlfriend. Ted Bundy built up a record while he was young that consisted of theft. He would shoplift when the opportunity was presented to him or he would make the opportunity present. He created this extensive juvenile record and he kept on building upon it, however it was dismissed when he turned 18 years old. Despite his record being essentially like brand new, he still chose to destroy his record by his horrendous actions.  He developed a taste for the thrill of stealing things that he was not supposed to, in the same way he enjoyed looking at women he was not supposed to. With that taste for the thrill and the adrenaline he took it way too far. It did not really click for him until after his girlfriend broke up with him. She broke up with him because she was looking for something else and Bundy did not quite fit the description, when the break up occurred he went ballistic. He was in love with her and it really turned his world upside down for the worst. From then he began to disregard woman for who they were and he devalued them immensely. In fact, most of victims looked like her, they had dark hair that was parted down the middle.

Ted Bundy was a terrible person, despite his unpleasant childhood, the manner in which he chose to cope with everything that he had gone through as a child and even into young adulthood was by no means correct in the slightest. His mother failed him as a mother first of all, she messed with his mind psychologically by leading him believe she was his sister, the first woman in his life started out by failing him.  In addition to that large event in his life, the second most important woman in his life, his girlfriend broke his heart. After those two major events in his life had occurred, his way of treating women became quite distorted and took a terribly wrong turn. Ted Bundy told the world time and time again that he was innocent, he had a large portion of the public convinced, until the jury decided that he was guilty of every crime they were aware of did he confess. He confessed to at least thirty murders; experts believe that he committed much more than what he said. Maybe he did not have enough time to confess to every murder he committed, after he confessed, he was sentenced to death by the electric chair.

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