Christian Sanchez

One night In Gainesville, Florida a man named Danny Rolling snuck into Sonja Larson and Christina Powell’s apartment, they were roommates attending college for their first year when the horrifying night occurred. Rolling went up to Christina’s room where he tied and raped her stabbing her multiple times with a knife. He then would rape Sonja and stab her to death, it was known for him to put the mutilated bodies in sexual positions after his crimes. The next night Rolling broke into the apartment of an eighteen year old girl named Christina Hoyt who attended the same college where he waited for Christina to arrive home and then stab her to death. The next night Rolling snuck into the apartment of Tracy Paules and  Manny Taboada who he would rape and stab to death for the fifth time that weekend. These crimes spread throughout the country bringing attention to the horrors of a serial killer murdering innocent teens. The police blamed a university student who had a mental illness and scars on his face from a car accident he had been in, arresting the wrong suspects whilst the last two murders occured. It was then discovered danny rolling committed these crimes along with murdering his father, wife ,and son. It was when a young screenwriter who heard the tragic story of the killing spree, but he saw a movie out of it and that would later become Scream. Danny Rolling committed a series of crimes throughout one weekend that would inspire the iconic slasher horror film Scream that led to copycat crimes and defining the horror film genre.

Effect 1:

Danny rollings crimes inspired the film Scream, his intentions of killing innocent teenagers and only using a knife helped create the monster we see on screen.

Effect 2:

The popularity of scream led to copycat crimes, including two teenagers who murdered their parents confessing that the film inspired them

Effect 3:

Scream redefined the horror genre, it creates a ripple effect of horror comedy as scream brought back the declining genre with humor of making fun of classic films while incorporating scares itself.

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