Victor Figueroa

English 1A

Prof. Ramos


                                                    Edith Gabriela Orozco

             My name is Edith Orozco, I was born in Central America in a country called Guatemala. I was born in Guatemala City and lived there for up to seventeen years until I decided to move to the United States at the age of seventeen. Back then I was living in house that had to fit my both my older and youngest sister, as well as me and my parent. The living conditions were not really what you call glamorous one example was being cold water during winter we did not have much access to hot water so in order to help us get thought it we usually boil water we had and use it to clean ourselves after helping out the family. I was never really educated, I was never able to go to high school due to the fact that I needed to work in order to help my family get bye. When I finally turned 17 I decided to go and immigrate to the United States in order to gain opportunities that I never would have gotten back home.

             The journey to the United was a long one, in order to get to the US I had to use multiple methods of transportation I purchase bus tickets in order to speed up the trip, but there were times where I would climb on top of trains in order to help me get across the United States boarder. As soon as I entered the United States I would find myself in a place called San Diego. Due to the situation I earned money thought two different jobs first I began to collect and recycle old bottles and containers, while my other jobs would be babysitting other peoples kid, while they were at work or going out. After three months I started to pack up and move to a place to the called Los Angles. It was there is where I began my job as a retail store clerk, but this was not enough in order to help with my financial situation so I also began to clean up houses. At the time the person who employed me was a cruel person who exploited me, at the end of the day I would finish cleaning up 3 entire house the payment a days work was a total of $80 dollars. Soon after I separated  from the business and started my own service, which allowed me to be able to support myself. Not to soon after my mother and father gave me notice that they will come the US in order to gain opportunities that they could get back home.

             2 years after coming to the united state I had developed two relationship that lead me to change as a person at the time I began to see a man who would soon be the father of my 2 children.  In this relationship I had given birth to my first son named Henry and after one year I had my first daughter named Catherine. This relationship was one of the most toxic moments in my life, the man I was with is what you would called a womanizer. I was around 19 at the time when I first gave birth to my oldest son named Henry and after one years I would soon give birth to my eldest daughter named Catherine. My relation to there father was never the best he had the habit of hurting me and occasion my our oldest son. Later on He was arrested for how knows what, he did many illegal deeds and it was due to this relationship that began to avoid having a connection. 

             I later began working as a bartender for period of time, and when I turned 28 I began to have another relationship with a man called Victor. At the time I began to feel more independently, my parents were able to join me here in the States I would also gain word that the rest of my intermediate family would soon follow them. My mother and father were able to help support me through many difficult times it was thanks to them that I was able to get over my previous relationship with the other man. My parent and I lived together my father was able to help with some of the payment that had by washing cars while my grandmother would stay back to cook and watch the kids while I was at work. At the time she would also began to make money by making traditional food and selling to close friend and business associates.  

             When I began the relation with Victor I did not try to make a connection due even thought Victor and me were able to create a child who will call Victor Figueroa-O. Me and Victor (not son) were not able to create a relationship due to the previous events, I did not want to repeat the event that happen it due to those event that I had became weak. But due to that reasoning he was still there to help around with the child. At the time he had a job managing and owning an auto body shop, which was a profitable business. When my second son Victor turned seven, his father was force to be deported back to El Salvador, and to long after the event of his deportation we later heard new that he passed away due to a shooting. The event had caused a great change he was able to impact the family, he not only cared for his son but he also cared deeply to his older brother and sister. 


        After the death of Victor, my family and I decided to go and leave Los Angles in order to get away from what happen and also for me and father to go and find more work that can help with providing with the family. After going from place to place we ended moving out of the State of California and into Newark, Delaware where we ended up in a apartment complex similar to the one that we had back in Los Angles. In this room my two son were force to sleep in the same room with my father, while in the other room I was rooming with daughter and mother. The life we have here is improving little by little, after the events that have taken place my youngest child Victor began to change little by little ever since he heard the news. At first it seemed that he felt depressed but it seems that he is beginning to act more like his old self, the family life right is improving I am finally able to fully support my family. We are thinking of going back to California in a few years, but who knows what well happen next.

Authors Note:  I want to say thanks to my mother who told me this story, it was thanks to you that I was able to make it this far and for that I am always grateful. All of you been thought and all the experience that you showed me has shown me how great of a person you are.