I was born on December 1st 2000, in a small pueblo called, Puerto Escondido which is located in Oaxaca, Mexico. This is where the beaches are as clear as the sky, you can see everything from just standing in the shore. My pueblo is very touristy because of its beaches, giving many activities to do for example, whale watching, diving, and horse riding on the sand (Puerto Escondido). My father in special occasions would go to the beach to catch some fresh fish for dinner and my mother would always make the best meals with it. Something else about my pueblo is that when its dark, its pitch black because there were no lamps on the streets. When I was at a pajama party I heard it, a lechuza scream. A lechuza is a witch disguised in a large owl and legend has it if one screams on a house, a person who lives there would die, I thought is was just a myth, but a week later the old lady that lived there died. I grew very scared being in the dark alone. However, there were more paranormal thing that have happened to me like my odd fall. Every time my brother and our friends would play hide and seek I would get out from a window upstairs that was very sturdy until this one day. I was doing my procedure like normal and I would specifically hold on the window bars which were sturdy enough to hold be so I thought. When I was standing finding my way to get down out of nowhere one of the window bars comes lose causing me to lose my grip, which led me to fall. I landed on my butt and I was struggling to breathe, I already felt my life ending by the second. I inhaled. I am alive. I felt a gush of air going to my lungs. I am alive. As soon as I recovered I told my mom, she felt uneasy and took me to a “brujo” which is a Witcher in English. He said the devil broke the window bar to kill me, but my gradian angel saved me with a gush of air, I was in shock. The man made a ritual to block the negative spirits and it seemed to work. However, after this I never wanted to go back.

            Throughout my life my mother would bring me to the United States back and forth illegally, because my parents kept separating and making up. During this on and off relationship with my parents they had three other kids, that were all born here in the U.S leaving my parents and I the only ones undeocuemted. After there last fight my parents had I was 14 years old, my mother left to Mexico with my two sisters leaving my dad, my brother and I. I haven’t seen them in Six years, because of how much the prices for the coyotes (people who bring illegal immigrants to the United states) have gone up, it saddens me but I grew used it. I live in Fontana, California with my dad, brother, Tia, abuelita, and my cousins all crammed in a three-bedroom apartment, a bed-room per family, leaving my grandma with her own room. Yes, my living situation is a bit crazy, especially because not everyone gets along, but at the end of the day we try to cope with one another because we are family.

            My parents have never said it word for word, but I know they came here to give my siblings and I a good education, but especially to get us away from the bad influences in Mexico. So, at 14 years old the district office gave me an option to either start at the 8th grade or 9th grade, obviously, I chose 9th to finish faster. My first day of school was that following week. I was nervous only because I had no idea how to speak English. The week had finally came, I got ready and left to school. The school was huge and I had no idea where I was going, luckily someone helped me find my first class. Of course, I had a translator to help me with homework, she loved me, she knew I was a bright student, but the only thing stopping me was the language barrier. Not knowing the language was already hard and getting made fun of for it made it even worse.

            I believe it was my sophomore year of High school and this boy named Namid was the one person that would call me beaner or make fun of my accent. One day in English class I was sitting in my seat minding my business and Namid walked in, when he saw me, he smacked my new hat that I was wearing down, covering my face, oh I was so mad. I had enough, I told him, “what the fuck bitch,” then he responded, “What you ganna do about it,” I went towards him and we started fighting, but after a minute our classmates broke it off and I went to my seat. I was starting to calm down when I heard him say something about me to his friend. I gave no fucks about the reprimand’s anymore, I got up and socked him in the face, he looked embarrassed, but soon got up while his right had on my neck lifting me up, choking me. I didn’t know what to do. I was waving my arms for something to stop him from choking me, out of luck I had a pencil in my pocket and put it up my sleeve, leaving the pointy end out and scratched his stomach with it, he finally let me go. I was my English teachers’ favorite student, but after this, she began to hate me in a way. I began to question myself if what I did was worse then him bullying me and choking me.

We were both sent to the office, I told the principle what happened and that he had been bullying me for the whole year and wouldn’t stop when I told him too and I grew tired of being belittled, so I defended myself. They did suspend me for a day or two because of the fight. When I came back to class the teacher looked at me different and never gave me a smile when I walked into class. About two days after I was switched classes because my teacher didn’t want, “Bad kids in her class,” I thought to myself how am I the bad guy? Soon enough my sophomore year ended peacefully and my junior year my grades were getting a bit better as well.

             Senior years rolled around, and my grades have been better than ever because I had my girlfriend, Andrea as motivation. She in my eyes was someone I looked up to, because she had always kept her grades high. She also helped me with grammar errors and things like that. Before I knew it I was walking on the stage receiving my diploma. Man, I wish my mother got to see me walk the stage and get my diploma and see her cry out of happiness for me.

Right out of high school I wanted to work, but every time I would apply you needed a social, which I didn’t have. Here I faced the difficulty of getting a job or even keeping one. However, I eventually found a steady job where they didn’t care if I had a social or not because they realized that I am very hardworking and know how to do my job well, but I am not planning to stay there forever. At the moment I am saving money enough to go to college to study for mechanic and eventually begin my big mechanic business.

My life has had its rough patches like any other person, but I am thankful to my parents for bringing me here I got an education, a job, and I have meet someone very dear to me. In my eyes, the American dream came true for me.

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