When I was a child, books were always a part of my life. I would read books for hours, never wanting to put it down. After elementary school, I would go to my grandmother’s house to do homework and after homework was completed I would pick up a book and read with no hesitation. Growing up my favourite book was “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Suess. I will always remember those famous rhymes with Sam I Am, “Would you eat them on a train? Would you eat them on a plane?” My grandmother would always encourage me when I would read by telling me to keep going and that I am a great reader. Along with my reading log, my grandmother was one of my biggest inspirations for reading. Everyday in my Kindergarten class, we would be assigned a book to read and we would also write about our weekend for about 15 minutes, which I grew to enjoy and which also started my love for writing as a child.

I would read a variety of books when I was young, such as “The Hardy Boys” and “The Wizard of Oz”. On my spare time I would also read Edgar Allen Poe. Poe is probably my biggest inspiration for reading and writing because his style was always intriguing to me, and it’s a style that I try to utilize in my own writing. Even now, I could read Edgar Allen Poe’s stories for hours and not get bored of it. Some of the book reports and summaries I would write in the third grade would be about Edgar Allen Poe, since I read his stories more than any other book. My favourite books growing up other than Poe’s stories include “Flat Stanley”, “Junie B. Jones”, and the Harry Potter series. These books allowed me to escape my reality and put me into a fantasy world that fascinated me. When I read those books, I felt what the characters felt and I connected with the them and had fun doing it. My second grade teacher is the cause for the enhancement of my love for reading by introducing fun games and read assignments that were always enjoyable for me.

Some of my favourite authors who I borrow styles from include Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, and J.R.R. Tolken. They are all different, but I like to try and find a way to combine all of they’re styles into my own unique style. As a teenager, my love for writing is still strong, but I just lack the confidence to continue writing. I don’t believe in myself enough to believe that I can create a good story, so as a result I don’t write anymore. I tried to create a couple of stories but lack the confidence and motivation to continue, and that is something that I know I have to improve on. Even though I don’t have an interest in being an author, I feel like writing could always be a fun hobby for me when I have some free time.

I enjoy both reading and writing immensely but I would have to say I enjoy writing more. I will always prefer writing over reading because writing because I enjoy being able to create my own reality and my own story with my own characters. Reading causes me to jump into another person’s world, but I would much rather create my own reality. I don’t read or write as much anymore because as I got older my love for it exponentially faltered. I don’t have the same enjoyment for reading anymore and I don’t possess the confidence to be proud of my writing.

Throughout my life, reading and writing have had a positive impact on me and made me work harder as a student. Reading gives me a sense of enjoyment from school and it was something that I  would always look forward to doing when I got home. As a child, reading would be apart of very assignment. I feel like reading and writing are crucial for children to do at school and at home because it can help the children become better readers and writers growing up, and also become better students. In today’s generation, in my opinion, it seems like kids aren’t as invested in school as they used to be. Some kids don’t really read as much or have an interest in learning about anything. Kids should be focusing more on reading, writing, and learning about the history of literature like I did. I feel like books and writing assignments will allow kids to experience a new way a thinking and will also encourage kids to use their imaginations more often.