“Gomez get your head off of the desk and open your book now!” Ah yes, there it is the horrid screeching voice of the witch. That wall piercingly loud yelling was often heard threw out the K threw eighth I attended in my younger years. Students shook in their seats fearful of the large chance her anger might be projected towards them, I however was not very fearful of her because I had grown use to her constant screaming and eventually stopped listening to her all together. But the journey didn’t begin here, oh no like all others my journey begins from the beginning.
I started learning to read and write at a fairly young age thanks to my mother. “Adam are you ready for ABC’s?”was a familiar phrase from my childhood, that’s how I knew it was time to learn. My mom taught me the ABC song so I could remember them much easier, she also taught me how to write out the alphabet by letting me trace out the letters one by one, it was because she did this that I was ready for Kindergarten. My Kindergarten teacher would read us stories daily and at the end of the year we all got a big book full of all kinds of classic stories, which I read over summer while waiting to start the first grade. It’s amazing to think back to when I was little and knew very little compared to now, I don’t remember what it feels like not knowing the alphabet. I loved to read especially picture books they made me feel extra smart when I read them all by myself. My grandma taught me how to sound out words to learn how to say them. They both made sure that I never skipped a day of reading, which had never been a problem because I always enjoyed it. They brought every book to life for me and made it so much fun it was like a movie every time they read to me, they taught me how to visualize my readings to make it fun and enjoyable.
I started to learn how to write sentences In the first grade. It wasn’t long after that I started the second grade and that is where I was introduced to spelling tests and learning how to write very small stories, but stories none the less. Then I started taking spelling tests that gradually got harder as the year was going by but it wasn’t impossible to pass as I recall. I was introduced to group reading in the fourth grade, at first I thought nothing of it but I soon realized it would turn out to be quite the task. While reading out loud to other student I felt self conscience about my reading and sought out to better it so the other students wouldn’t think I was slowed down. I was successful in doing so I bettered my reading to a sixth grade reading level and I was proud of it.
I Always was a big fan of video games, but around the fifth grade is when I started playing video games like crazy. “Fox we need you now!” Star Fox was the first fast paced video game I played when I was young. Video games actually made a big impact on my reading skills believe it or not, in a positive way. The fast-paced text in every game explaining the story was typically fast-moving and if you had missed it there was no going back to read it again, it was vital to read everything that came up or you would surely be lost and make no progress in the game. Wanting to keep up with the words I tried and tried until finally I was able to keep up. It’s thanks to video games that I’m able to read at a faster and more efficient pace.
“ Gomez get your act together or I’m calling your parents!“ There it is again the annoying hatred filled shouting that I had grown all too familiar with. I had always been somewhat fond of writing little made up stories with wild adventures and reading books about mystery or adventure, that is until I reached the sixth grade. My sixth grade teacher, if you would even call her a teacher was the least helpful person ever put in charge of teaching young minds. She gave us writing assignments that allowed no creative freedom whatsoever. On top of that the stories she had us read we’re so boring it made me despise reading. This teacher is the very soul reason that I only read or write when I absolutely have to rather than for fun. I didn’t really learn too much in the sixth grade and its all because of the way she savagely tried pound the knowledge into us , it left me completely uninterested in learning anything.
In the seventh grade I had great teachers who brought my interest back into education. They tough class how it was supposed to be taught, by going threw every reading and lesson with the class until it was understood and they even held tutoring after class out of their own time. I must have made a good impression on my English teacher Miss Nelson because she had me placed in honors English and Journalism for the eighth grade. In journalism I wrote for the school newspaper and it taught me so much, it made writing pretty fun and I got to share my work with the rest of the school that was something I’d never thought I would be doing but I was glad I got to experience that. It was also this year that I got to read the book Where The Red Fern Grows. That book is important to me because it happens too be my favorite book, this book made me like reading again, until I finished it that is.
High school was a much better experience, my freshman year of high school I discovered that books where in all that bad when I was introduced to the book To Kill a Mockingbird. Then sophomore year I became a fan of the story of Julius Caesar. These stories reminded me that not all readings had to be soul crushingly boring. Then in Junior year I met my teacher Miss Curcio, she taught me some important things about writing papers and the proper way to identify writing techniques used by different writers. I had the honor of having her as an instructor once again for my senior year in high school where I continued my learning under her instruction and guidance.
To this day I only read books when I have absolutely nothing else to do. As for writing I don’t typically enjoy it but when it is required of me I will write. It is thanks too many teachers, family members, and friends that my reading and writing skills are where they are today. It’s amazing to think that everyone starts from knowing nothing and learn for the rest of their lives. Today I’m in English 1A at Chaffey and I hope to further my knowledge of the proper for of writing and hopefully read some interesting writings