Is technology effecting today’s education in a positive or negative way? It isn’t difficult to see that technology has an enormous impact on society today but a controversial argument that still rages on to this day is that it has a negative effect on schools while others argue that its positively influencing the growth of education. Some will say that it’s a distraction for students in class and others will say it’s the future and beneficial. During my four years in high school I encountered people with beliefs in both arguments, but threw my experience I witnessed a mostly positive side to technology. It provides helpful tools to students and also provides endless amounts of knowledge on millions of research able topics.

In a paper written by Janelle Cox she states that CompTIA’s study showed that 9 out of 10 students indicated that “using technology in the classroom would help prepare them for the digital future.” this goes out to show just how big the impact of technology makes on students. Technology truly is the future as it grows more advanced it grows better as a teaching tool. Also the fact that you could research just about anything on a smart phone only furthers the benefits of having technology in classrooms. As children in school have more interactions with this new advancing technology they will become more proficient with it. The U.S. Department of Education suggests that “technology ushers in fundamental structural changes that could be integral to achieving significant improvements in productivity”. Technology’s boost of productivity in school is fairly notable, wouldn’t you agree?
Today almost every state is supportive of technology having a part in the education system. The Department of Education also states that “48 states including the District of Columbia currently support online learning opportunities that range from, supplementing classroom instruction on an occasional basis to enrolling students into full-time programs” if this doesn’t go out to show that school systems have faith in the use of technology I don’t know what will. Schools systems believe that it’s beneficial for students, why wouldn’t you?

Some people argue constantly to this day that technology in a class setting is a major distraction. In some cases, they could be right such as students texting in class or abusing the privilege of being allowed to use the internet for research and playing games instead. The problem with computers regarding online games can be resolved simply by putting up firewalls to prevent students from going into websites they are not supposed to be on. Most classrooms have strict rules prohibiting the usage of cell phones during class time for the reason of texting or lollygagging. However, smartphones provide more pros then cons. With the ability to have endless amounts of research content at the fingertips of students they will most likely benefit from it then to be distracted by it, to avoid the over use of the phones in class teachers can assign appropriate times for students to use their phones during class time. It is true that students today do happen to use technology during class times for the wrong reason, however that can always be avoided with a proper set of rules and guidelines. “Well if technology is such a problem for students to handle in class as it is why would we want more of it?” I’m glad you asked.

Developers are constantly working on new programs to help tutor students more effectively. They even have programs for the younger children such as ABCmouse and other programs to help them get a head start and an advantage on school work. These programs benefit students today by giving them an alternative method of learning certain subjects at their own pace. Some schools are taking advantage of technology as well by making some of their classes online courses. Students have access to these programs not only during school hours but at home as well to pick up where they left off. If a student is ever sick and misses a lesson you could only imagine how helpful it must be to have access to it online. There are also courses provided to some that take place online for the purpose of credit recovery. There are many students that can benefit from that and I experienced that first hand at my old high school. Had it not been for those courses I wouldn’t have graduated on time and I wasn’t alone in that bus there were many students in the same position I was in and it help most of us, the only ones it didn’t help were those not willing to do the work. Students who choose the path of taking credit recovery classes are often saved from having to go to a continuation school or even dropping out. It encourages students to keep trying, that it is to never late to change the course of their education.

With the continuous rapid growth of technology comes great advancements to education. The use of technology is only increasing so it only makes sense to interact with it and become more efficient with it. With so many pros to offer education I’m sure that you will see that it’s a beneficial thing to have in class and ultimately grant students more access to it. Although technology will always have some distractions by the end of the day it’s still far more helpful to students for a number of reasons. With that being said I’m sure you see by now that technology poses no threat to your child’s education, rather it is drastically helping the school systems of today. So get out there and promote the funding of schools so they can have more access to technology. Promote the usage of technology in school by bringing it to the attention of your children’s schools or local school districts. Fight for your child’s right to a better education, fight for an educational system that’s going to help to your child succeed, fight for your child by fighting for technology.

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