Saturday December 12th, 2015 at 7:45 p.m. will be a day that’s branded into my memory; That is the day I said yes to my forever. It all started as another normal phone conversation after a long day of homework for me and a long day at work for her, and from there it turned into my life today. I am a female, who is currently in a relationship with another female and one day we plan to get married. Thanks to the Supreme Courts decision last summer, we legally can; however we don’t plan on staying in California forever. What happens if we move to a state that doesn’t recognize same sex marriage? What happens if we move to a state engaged and want to get married in that state, but they tell us no? Will I not be able to marry the love of my life simply because we are both female?

Last summer when the Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is legal, the quote “Love is Love” was one of the arguments that same sex couples were making last summer. Even those who weren’t gay were in favor about the decision. “Everyone should be able to love whoever they want” said a straight man named Lewis, who was happy about the Supreme courts ruling. Love has no definite shape and there shouldn’t be an expectation on what it should look like. Love is blind, but it is also used conditional and it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Love has no color, shape, size, form, color, race or gender; therefore when we finally do choose and find someone to love, we should not be penalized for it, especially if we choose to marry that perosn. Love is love and marriage is marriage, so it doesn’t matter who your married to. If we are all free to love and marry who we want, then why are we still being penalized for it?


Out of the 50 states in America, only 37 actually recognize and acknowledge gay marriages. Out of the 13 states that do not recognize or acknowledge gay marriages (South and North Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, and Arkansas), only one of them is being overthrown (Missouri). Even though the state of Wisconsin recognizes same sex marriage, the northern part does not, as shown in the map above. Many of the states that don’t recognize same sex marriages have laws or provisions that prohibit the couple from getting married. If this is the case then those laws and provisions should have been stuck out by the Supreme Court after they ruling. It seems odd that more than half of the United States recognizes gay marriages and that it’s only those 13 states that don’t.

My partner and I as individuals generally have the same rights: free speech, right to vote, freedom of religion and so on. If a man and a woman get married they still have the same rights, as individuals and together as a couple, however things change if me and my partner decide to get married. We face the risk of being told no we can’t get married; and even if we can get married, we face the risk of being denied our other rights, just because we are a gay married couple. Some may argue this and say it’s because our marriage isn’t a “traditional” or “normal” one. Well, in this day and age, what’s normal? Just because our marriage wouldn’t be deemed “traditional” in the eyes of society, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a valid marriage. Me and my partner should receive the same rights and treatment that a straight couple has; we shouldn’t have to prove ourselves to the states government just so they will consider our marriage when it’s already legal in all of America.

Now there are lots of arguments as to why gay people shouldn’t get married or why it shouldn’t be allowed. One of the ones that stands out is the point on domestic partnership. Some of the states that feel because same sex couples have domestic partnership, they don’t need to get married, although their trying to limit domestic partnership to straight couples and not same sex couples. What they fail to realize is marriage isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s a union formed by two people who generally love and care for one another. This also brings in the argument that “Same-sex “marriage” would further isolate marriage from its procreative purpose. Traditionally, marriage and procreation have been tightly connected to one another…. Same-sex marriage would only further undercut the procreative norm long associated with marriage…” This once again is an expectation provided by society to only tell us as a gay couple what we can and cannot do together in the future when we do get married.

People fail to realize how important the topic of same sex marriage, but they also fail to realize how unfair it is. The point that everyone should be allowed to marry who they want and that love is love cannot be stressed enough. If a man is in love with another man and if a woman is in love with another woman and they want to get married, then who is the government to stop them? Their union should be acknowledged as the union of a man and woman getting married would be acknowledged. They shouldn’t be limited to where they can and cannot love in fear that that particular states government won’t allow it or deny them. All states should obey and abide by the Supremes Court decision. Same sex marriages should be allowed and recognized all over the United States, not just select states. Love is love, marriage is marriage and that’s all that should matter, don’t you agree?


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