On October 27th I went to the fan club art museum for Eleanor and Park. While I was there I walked around and saw all the fantastic art people had drawn for this Museum. One picture that really stood out too me was a cassette. I believe this artist was implying about the walkman, in which I believe started the relationship between Eleanor and Park. I believe the author of the book tried to portray this was an important part, because it is what influenced the relationship that was developing between the two of them. This picture also had other key aspects to the book in it as well. They also drew a comic book in their photo too. The comic book was another essential piece to the relationship Eleanor and Park shared because it helped encourage the developing relationship between them.

As the novel goes on you become aware how important and significant these symbols were to the book. Eleanor had always been discreet looking over Parks shoulder reading with him as he flipped the pages in his comic book. As park became more aware he started to slow down his reading so Eleanor could read along with him. As their relationship develops Park took a surprising step to further their relationship, he brought her, her own stack of comic books to read at home. He slowly started to make more and more gestures to Eleanor progressing their relationship. Then, the Walkman came into play when he put headphones on her head and had her listen to his music, then he told her to take the Walkman home with her and listen to the CD he made for her.

As the book goes on these become main talking topics to help Eleanor and Park’s relationship to progress. Each day on the bus, they are more and more comfortable with each other and they get more things to talk about, whether it is about the music they are listening too, or the comic book they are reading. Throughout, this process Park becomes more comfortable

in having conversation with Eleanor and starts to stray away from their normal “bus talk”.

The reason I chose this photo out of all the wonderful art work in the Museum is because I believe it was an essential part to understand in the book. Without these items Eleanor and Park would not be Eleanor and Park. What I mean when stating this, is that it was an important part to the development in the relationship they developed. Their relationship all throughout the book all goes back to the strong development in their relationship and it always gives them something to talk about when on the bus. The point I am at ion the book is when Eleanor and Park have their first phone conversation since Eleanor is at her real dads’ house. This conversation they have on the phone also revolves around music as well. This was a great photo that I found very relevant to this book.