I attended the Eleanor and Park fan art exhibition here at Chaffey. There were many great works of art capturing the most memorable moments of the book, out of them all these two images stuck with me the most. The first drawing is a illustration of Park on the bus peering into earth. His headphone wires twist into elenores peering eyes. The artist Made the seat parks sitting in into a mixed tape. I think the artist put a globe in front of parks vision to represent all the new things hes learning about the world around him. Park has never met someone like Eleanor who deals with poverty and abuse becuase hes a sheltered teen. The globe in front of his eyes could also represent that hes in his own world with Eleanor, that they share a bubble separate from the rest of the kids on the bus. The artist made the seat into a mixed tape further trapping park in this visual representation of his special world with Eleanor.

The second Illustration of Eleanor looking into a three way mirror really stood out to me because of the commentary it makes on self image. In the mirror you see a reflection of the image shes self conscious of, her self done nicely, and her mom. We have all had moments of looking at our flaws in the mirror, its easy to pick out the flaws and compare yourself to others, the way Eleanor compares herself to her mom. There is a hint of hope however, the artist put the most beautiful self image as the center reflection implying that the other negative self images are secondary to her beauty that Park sees in her. I really enjoy how park is constantly trying to show Eleanor her beauty. although she is not conventionally pretty like her mom she has certain idiosyncrasies that park loves, like her red hair and freckles. The most provoking part of this illustration is the mask Eleanor is holding behind her. the mask is strange and looks similar to the masks they use in theater. Maybe Eleanor is taking off her mask. Revealing her true self or attempting to but doesn’t know who she is. in the book Eleanor is discovering her identity and exploring her deepest views on love and relationships. You can also interpret the mask another way, she could possibly be deciding what personality to put on for the day. She lives a double life between her life at home and the personality she gives off to park. At home park is a distant secret and with park she shields and hides her poverty to park. Any way you look at this it holds various themes found in the book. These two illustrations perfectly represent the book and help explore deeper meanings through the visual medium.