When I went to the Eleanor and Park Fan Art Museum, I was amazed at the different pieces of art that were there. It amazed me because it was interesting to see so many different visuals of just one book. I also liked that the pictures could give me a visual of what Eleanor and Park looked like; although I had my own idea of what they might have looked like, the artists had their own as well. All of the Fan Art was displayed upon the walls of a tiny cold room, to be completely honest, the first thing I thought when I walked in was, “this is it…?”. Now when I say that I mean no discredit to the authors at all, I loved every piece I saw; however for some reason I expected more. I expected them to make a huge deal out of this book & amplify it into canvases of art, maybe even some song lyrics from one of the various songs or bands that were mentioned in the book. I’m not saying I’m not pleased with the art I saw, however I expected more.


One of the drawings that stuck out to me was the picture of the letters E & P with symbols, pictures and words infused in them. I like how the artist captured some of the major themes of this book into the picture so that if someone who had never read the book but looked at this first, they would get a glimpse of what the book is about. The words infused in the letters are love, domestic abuse, child abuse, bullying and dreams. Love is for what Eleanor and Park have for each other, domestic abuse is for when Richie (Eleanor’s step dad) beats on his mom after he’s had one too many drunks. Child abuse is for all of the cruel and harsh words Richie has ever said to Eleanor, although their it’s not physical, it’s verbal. Bullying is for all of the nasty little notes left on Eleanor’s notebooks, for all the kids on the bus that call her “Big Red”, and for all the girls who stuck pads with red market on them on her gym locker. Dreams are for all the times that Park wished he was with Eleanor and for all the times Eleanor wished she was with Park.


Another picture that caught my eye was a drawing of Eleanor looking into a three panel mirror. In each panel is a different Eleanor, the past Eleanor, the present Eleanor and the future Eleanor. In her hands she has a mask; to me this represented Eleanor evaluating herself over time, seeing who she use to be, who she is and who she wants to be. It reminded me of when Parks mom gave Eleanor the makeover and she said that it wasn’t her; she thought she looked like everyone else and that’s not her style.