I visited Chaffey’s Eleanor and Park fan club art exhibit in the museum. I was blown away by the artistry and the originality of the drawings and collages that were put on display. Each picture had it’s own unique art style that represented a part of the book. I also loved the use of comics and how they incorporated them into the story. I’m not nearly close to being finished with the book but these drawings and pieces of art have made me very excited to continue reading. One quote from the book that stood out to me was “She never looked nice, she looked like a piece of art.” People interpret art in many different ways, which explains how Park had many different ways of seeing Eleanor. At first he saw her as the outcast who dressed funny and he wasn’t attracted to her. However, her unique way of dressing and her somewhat awkward demeanor is what he ended up falling for. I’m eager to see what happens as I progress farther into the story.