Last week I visited Wignall Museum at Chaffey College. I saw many posters with an amazing work. The posters were colorful and bright. There was a small room on the right of the museum with posters pasted on the wall with the main theme of Eleanor and Park, a book by Rainbow Rowell. As I already started reading the book, I had the theme of the story in my head and that helped me in understanding the posters. The posters signify love, music, pain, bullying, child abuse and many more topics covered in the novel. Every artist did a great job in their posters and I loved my experience being there.


The first poster I glanced in was very basic but special. That piece of art mentioned two beautiful and important quotes said by Eleanor and Park. Those quotes signify love in their heart for each other. The artist drew beautiful picture of them with the Walkman cassette and the comics in black space. The posters show the importance of bus rides and the love shared by them through music and comics. The quote said by Park and Eleanor were as below:

PARK: I love you Eleanor. I want to be with you all the time. You are the smartest girl I’ve ever seen and the funniest, and everything you do to surprise me. I don’t like you, I need you.

ELEANOR: I don’t think I even breathe when we are not together. All I do when we are apart is think about you and all I do when I am with you is panic because every second feels so important. I don’t like you, I think I live for you.


The second poster I liked was with the big colorful letters E & P. It obviously signifies Eleanor and Park but apart from that, It mentioned child abuse, bullying, domestic abuse, love, music, comics, dreams, high school and school bus. These all topics together make Eleanor and Park special and interesting. If you look at this poster, you can think about everything all together in your head and that’s what I liked the most.


There is another beautiful picture of the first day of school bus ride where Eleanor seems sad standing in the bus and looking for an empty seat and whereas Park is trying to avoid the situation and listening to music.

elenaor-and-park    eleanor-and-park


Some of the posters were same as the Google pictures. It shows Eleanor’s red bright curly hair and Park with ear plugs. One of the poster also mentioned Tina, the first girl who bullied Eleanor on bus and I also saw some posters of them kissing in a car. I guess it will be their first kiss, as I haven’t finished the book yet so I am just assuming. The posters were also organized. In the starting there were few posters of just park with the headphones on. Then Eleanor and Park and their mediums of love and then some mixed big posters which covers many themes and at last the posters with the kissing between them.

The posters in the art museum covers almost everything in the book. I liked the art work and I would love to participate in many more activities like this. The art work was neat, organized and interesting. It was genuinely a good learning experience apart from everyday classroom.