I paid a visit to the Wignall Museum at Chaffey College where they were hosting a viewing of fan art based off of the book Eleanor and Park. Although there were many wonderful pieces being displayed there one of them stood out to me the most.20161117_140454.jpg

It captured many of the great moments that Eleanor and Park shared In the book that display everything from them awkwardly sitting together on the bus silently reading the same comic book with no communication to their love filled kiss. It displays the moment in the book Where they listen to music together in which gives them something to talk about and bond over and the mixtapes Park gave Eleanor so she can listen to music on her Walkman when their not together . It even makes a reference to the scene where Park kicks Steve in the face in Eleanor’s defense. Many magnificent moments in the book displayed in a single piece that’s why this piece caught the most of my attention. Here are some other pieces that also captured great aspects of the book and the moments they shared together.20161117_140711.jpg

This piece strongly refers to the quote in the book where Park makes a comment on his thoughts about Eleanor. “She never looked nice she looked like art” this was a very impact full part of the book, Park starts to fall in love with this girl and starts to feel strong feelings for her. That quote was impact full to me because it was creative the full version of the quote was “She never looked nice she looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” This quotes strongly poetic, Park isn’t insulting her by saying she didn’t look nice but goes further then that and refers to her as art. Not something I was really expecting from a book about high school kids. That makes this my second favorite piece from my visit because it captured my favorite quote from the book. Although the first piece I mentioned also referred to this quote it stood out to me in this piece because they solely focused on the quote rather than all the other aspects and moments in this book.

This final piece caught my eye for the purpose that it focused on Parks thoughts.20161117_140656.jpg

This piece only focused on what was going threw the mind of Park rather then their interactions like most of the other pieces displayed. I remember looking at this piece and remembering those days, only being able to think about that one special girl that just makes your world so much better and lighting up like the sun when to your finally together. It shows his thoughts of Eleanor’s wild curly red hair, the mix tapes he made her playing threw his head like a Symphony, the comic books he couldn’t wait to silently share with her, and finally the love that he had come to find on the bus and eagerly waited for.

This trip was definitely worth the time. I really admired the art work and even get a trip to the past while viewing it. It brought the book To life and did it efficiently, after looking at some of the pieces I was able to visualize some of the scenes for the book like I was reading it again and even better then before.