I recently went to visit the Wignall Museum at Chaffey College with Destiny where there was a viewing of a fan art based off of the book Eleanor and Park. There was such amazing photos, drawings, and collages at the museum. There was a couple of drawings that caught my eye and thought were interesting. I also picked these drawings because they relate to my essay I’m going to write on Eleanor and Park and they help me elaborate on writing on my essay.


This picture from the fan art is Park listening to music and Eleanor winded up in the headphones and the world ahead of him. In the beginning of Eleanor and Park, Park is immediately introduced with headphones on complaining that his choice of music wont drown out the morons on the back of the bus.For Park, music is an escape and a total passion, it’s a huge part of his life. It’s also one of the ways he bonds with Eleanor, and their shared love of music is a huge aspect of their relationship. When we first meet Eleanor, she writes down names of songs on her books. Park thinks she’s a fan of the bands, but it turns out Eleanor hasn’t even heard the music.So music, in this story, is all about discovery, connection, and bonding. Music isn’t just a way to keep the world at bay, then to ignoring the kids at the back of the bus, but also a way to connect. And Park and Eleanor’s tastes are just as quirky as they each are in their own rights.


Eleanor doesn’t look like anyone else or dress like anyone else for that matter. She’s got flaming red hair, tons of freckles. Eleanor wears men’s clothing, button-up shirts, blazers, and men’s ties knotted in her hair or around her wrists. I picked this drawing because there is constant bullying throughout Eleanor and Park. This incident was when gym class has ended. Eleanor was looking for her gym clothes and couldn’t find them anywhere till Mrs. Burt found them in the bathroom. Tina and her friends had flush them down in the toilet. Eleanor’s new jeans and her favorite shoes, vans, were soaking wet and she was devastated.   Sometimes, the pain and suffering described in Eleanor and Park is overwhelming. This book forces us to address suffering, and what happens when characters like Eleanor have to deal with it every day.


Besides music, the other big spark for Eleanor and Park’s relationship is comic books. Eleanor can’t help reading Park’s comic books over his shoulder, and Park notices. Then, because Park is awesome, he silently leaves her more comic reading material, and the two of them have entire comic book exchanges without even speaking a word.But comic books don’t just give us a reason to swoon over the cuteness of Eleanor and Park. Comic books in the ’80s were another non mainstream obsession.Before Eleanor, Park has only fantasized about comic book characters. When Eleanor enters the picture, though, Park has no problem.

This young adult novel has really caught my attention and I love it!! I highly recommend this book for the ones who love reading! For someone who doesn’t like reading this book is really good and enjoyable to read!