Disney calls the attention of everyone around the world. They market to the child within every adult, whether you are a parent, grandparent or not, Disney catches the hearts of all ages. They do this by showing adults in a state of wonder and excitement that is childlike in nature. They then tie this into an overarching family environment by showing the children having fun too. In this video you can see Families of all colors, and people of all ages exploring different parts of the park set to catch the attention of everyone. There are the fireworks in the sky, and characters interacting to engage the children. Then there are the young adults riding the heart pumping attractions, and the families coming together capturing their memories on film. In this video I also I also acknowledge the background as a great marketing strategy. They have the artist performing in front of the castle at an upward angle which gives the illusion of them performing in the sky. This making it seem like you are in a dream when you are at Disneyland parks. They do all of this by showing families spending time together in a magical park with castles princes, princesses, and magical lights.

Disney uses all three of ethos logos and pathos to appeal to a diverse set of customers. Studies show that people who feel alienated by a product are less likely to buy into it, where as if people feel like the product was made for them they are more likely to buy it. When Disney decided to use an upcoming artist like One Republic to advertise their franchised they were taping into ethos to convince others of their worth. Disney franchises used a world renowned artists with their number one hit to make a music video specifically for their parks all to persuade future customers of their credibility. Listening to the track itself appeals to our emotions. I already knew of the song beforehand and have always loved it, but listening to this song to their Disney music video manifested a whole list of new emotions. Watching this video made me happy for completely different reasons then it did before. This song playing while all the happy faces on everybody further persuade me to plan a trip to Disneyland. After watching the video I couldn’t help from trying to logically advise myself what the real reason I was for wanting to go to Disneyland. This video had me wondering why anyone wouldn’t want to take themselves and their children to this park.

Disneyland’s marketing can be summed up in one simple statement, it’s “the happiest place on earth”. From the beginning that phrase has been their logo, almost anyone you meet will know of these phrase to be associated with Disneyland. This expression is not written in stone in this video but it is certainly implied! The song is carefree, the park is euphoric, while the characters and guest are in aww. Everybody at the park is passionately conveying their emotions of excitement. The thing about this is that it is an accurate depiction of what really happens in the park. Behind all the noise, lines, children crying, and people taking pictures, Disneyland really is a place where people can revisit their childhood dreams in an environment where it is acceptable. Children are able to see areas where the environment matches that of the movies they’ve watched on television. It truly is a place where you can let loose and set your day to day persona aside, Disney knows this and profits hugely on this sort of escapism.

Disney has become successful by appealing to a broad spectrum of people by tapping into their emotional, cultural, and logical centers. They back this up by claiming Disneyland is the “Happiest place on earth.” It is further driven home by the policies that they have implemented throughout the park that treat the consumer kindly. All of this is done ultimately in the name of profit, but it’s not entirely smoke and mirrors, because they actually deliver by creating interactive environments that are found in their movies. All of these things compound to create a machine that wins generations over, and secures Disney’s financial success. It begins with the idea of there being a little princess or prince in each and every child, and continues on by allowing adults to revisit the wonder they had as a kid. They say happiness can’t be bought, and that may be true, but it can be temporarily rented by purchasing admission into the park. If you don’t believe me, just listen to the commercial, it’s right in the lyrics “Oh this has gotta be the good life This has gotta be the good life This could really be a good life, good life”.