Rough Drafts of Literacy Narratives due today! Email me a copy if you do not come to class for the points.

Updated the class calendar.

Learning Spanish

Rediscovering Reading

  • Talks about his trajectory as a reader—from early reading experience and success in reading contests; to adolescence when he was more focused on his social life and no longer enjoyed reading for school; to his experience in the Marine Corps, serving in Iraq, and returning to his love of reading and uses for reading in a variety of contexts (for fun, for work, etc). He also reflects on the experience that service members have with reading (e.g., he challenges the stereotype that Marines are dumb “jarheads” and don’t read much).
  • What was the take away from his narrative? What point did he want to make?

Revise Drafts

  • Add dialogue, find a spot to add in some dialogue.
  • Add details of a character or an artifact in your narrative. What can you describe or add details too? Are you giving enough context so the reader follows along?
  • Add an image to help tell the story. What image would help the reader? What image is related to your literacy?

In-Class Activities

  • We will be doing more peer review on Thursday.
  • Listen to narratives.
  • Effective Titles. Fall Semester Examples.
  • Showing instead of telling
  • Dialogue


  • Bring an outline of your narrative for Thursday. Example outlines.
  • Read Goodman (p.7)

Question of the Day

What is your plan of action for revising your draft for Thursday and Tuesday? Be specific, give some details!