Who Listens To Their Parents Anyways

Growing up for every child becomes difficult at some point, whether you don’t want to listen or you are going through the stage where everything you do you think is okay because you’re young. As I got older my parents always taught me to be a leader and be smart about my choices because they always effect your future. It wasn’t until my freshman year of High School that I quickly realized the “stupid” advice my parents gave me was for a reason. I remember the day like it was yesterday, my first week of High School. Friday nights all the High School kids got together and roamed around the mall looking for trouble. It’s not just the night that I clearly remember, it was the conversation I had with my mom two hours prior that gets me. Having that talk with my mom before getting out of the car, the normal “you better stay at the mall and not leave” and “stay out of trouble”, nodding your head because you don’t care talk, turned into being  a lesson I should have listened to, but at that age you continue to question,


      On the first Friday of my freshman year I felt big and like I was someone! I hung out with all the cool people and I had a mouth like a sailor. Of course just like every other kid my age, I was begging my mom to go to the mall that night. I remember her saying “Brianna, you better not leave the mall and you better stay out of trouble, be a leader and not a follower. The whole 15 minute lecture I got went in one ear and out the other to be honest. Of course your young and think your cool because you’re in High School now, you hang out with the cool crowd and maybe you got some new shoes that day, so you feel invincible, well that was me. The kids I hung out with never went to the mall to spend their parent’s money, it was always just walking around and trying to pick fights with people. There you have it, which was the day I ignored my mom’s lecture, I became a follower and not a leader and that’s where I went wrong. I followed my friends to a nearby park where all these fights were happening, kids who were my age at the time smoking and drinking, it was insane. I knew this was not the kind of person I wanted to be and this was not how my parents raised me. It was that simple phrase that everyone fears, “if you’re not with it then you can find some other friends”, and that’s what got me fired up. That night I ended up taking on the next fight for some girl who I thought was my friend. I felt bad for her because the girl that wanted to fight her was way bigger than her so I jumped in. I can’t even begin to explain how this fight ended nor do I want to. All I can remember from that night was looking around, I felt like I was in a sea surrounded by nameless faces, people I didn’t really know and people who I thought were my friends and they just brought out the worst of me. Everyone basically fled the scene, there was a whole lot of blood, and there it was, 14 years old watching the off duty paramedics out pressure to this girls bleeding head, and I ran.

            I got separated from everyone, I had to change my shirt because the police were looking for me and I was covered in blood, I looked like a criminal, a murderer, and it was just sickening.   I eventually met up with my “friends” now known as the people I use to associate with and they called my parents and informed them on what happened. I was taken home and in a lot of trouble, however my parents didn’t even know the beginning of what had just happened. My mom confiscated my phone and went through it where she found messages from my “friends” that there was possibly a warrant for my arrest. That night, I’m unsure if it was still the adrenaline that was going through my body or my guilty conscious, yet I found myself in the hospital scared and in a state of shock.  When I was released from the hospital I went home and tried to sleep, I had the thought and replay in my head that whole night. I couldn’t stop shivering or tossing and turning, there was points in the night where I would pray, though there were also point that I wish my life could have ended.  That sleepless night soon turned into morning, the morning where I was forced to turn myself in to the police. Things at first were horrific, there was not a lot of evidence and charges that were being made due to not having any witnesses. My father, who is a sheriff was able to ease the situation a bit. Not having evidence or witnesses, there was no way I could be charged with battery or assault of a deadly weapon. After waiting it out, sick to my stomach day by day, people began to talk. The ones that where there to watch the fight come forward and I had a lot of witnesses on my side.  Surprisingly, most of the claims that were being made that night were from my opponents friends. Multiple interviews were given and the police came to conclusion that this wasn’t the first fight she started and that she deserved to get beat up (as her friends said). It wasn’t right to be happy about that, but at least I could have some closure, I knew in my heart the damage that had happened wasn’t my fault, but this made me definitely sure.

          Along with this long process of having to talk to police and being on probation, I found myself drifting from this crowd of people and focusing more on softball and my friends on the team. I decided to put myself and my family’s values first and I knew that change was what needed to happen. I got more involved in helping around the house and playing in tournaments and while I was in school I would help out with the special needs class and hangout with my best friend, I later realized that this was all I truly needed. I didn’t need to put myself in some crowd that I thought I belonged in, because it turned out to be not for me. As you age and really mature yourself, you realize, it’s not how many friends you have, but its how many people’s minds you can change and help before they make the same mistake as you. For some people, maybe all human beings, mistakes are how we learn and how we grow. For others, a mistake is a lifelong lesson that is never ceased to notice, it becomes a routine and what they are prone to on a daily basis. I am so happy to say that I am not one of those people. Changing my life around was one of the easiest things you can do for yourself in life, or at least that’s how I look at it. No matter what anyone thinks or says, no one but your parents are going to support you and teach you right from wrong like they do, when I look back I wish I could of just listened to them, however the outcome of having them there for me through the process was rewarding enough.    

          Overall, my parents by far are my biggest inspirations and I owe it all to them. They inspired me to be a better person and taught me that not listening and being a follower is not the path that God designed for me. If it wasn’t for this learning experience and my family sticking by my side who knows where I would be at today. However that doesn’t matter. Today I find myself at 20 years old living better than I could ever imagine. I am a full time student working two jobs that I love, even though it is stressful at times, my family never fails to be there right by my side. Along with working, I still find myself working with special Ed students on a contracted job as well as working at bass pro where I get to interact with people and help them. I am working on my goals to become a nurse and enjoying every minute of it. I have many friends (good ones) and an amazing boyfriend who has helped me stand guarded and influence me to continue on my path as a better person. Every day and night before I go to sleep I play back that moment in my head that changed my life forever, though I keep pushing and telling myself that I am a new person, and I am being smarter about my choices because that is what my parents taught me.