Free Write

Why do you think we started this class with a Literacy Narrative and now a Report? Why these assignments?

Report Grading Criteria

Criteria 0-3 Explanation
Use of Sources    
Depth of Topic    
Presents information objectively    
MLA/APA citation & Works Cited    
Grammar, Word Choice, Spelling    
Use of images    

Style and Tone

High Style 

Middle Style

Low Style

Inclusive and Sensitive

Avoid Stereotypes: Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Ethnic groups, Religious groups

Treat all people with respect

Avoid sensational or divisive language


Your aim with this assignment is to be as clear as you can when presenting dense or complex ideas. 

Focus on the big picture. Work on pages, paragraphs over sentences. 

Don’t waste words! Make every sentence count and add to your project. 

Be specific. Use precise language rather than general terms. 

Simple sentences are better than confusing ones. Don’t add too many points or facts to a sentence. Spread them out so your reader can follow along. 

Don’t spread out too much. Clear over wordy.

Avoid sentences with long windups. Get to the point quickly and explain. 

Don’t repeat key words close together. Don’t repeat words in the same sentence.

Avoid repetition. Don’t say the same thing different ways unless you are doing it for emphasis.

Vary sentence lengths. Many long sentences wear out your reader and many short sentences run together. Use a variety of sentence lengths. Read out lout to see how it sounds. 

Cut your draft. We revise drafts to make them more effective. You should normally write long then cut down to length. Keep in mind you want to cut 10 to 25 percent of a draft without losing content. 

What does all this suggest to you? What do these points have in common?


  1. Revise Draft
  2. Read Chapter 35, Revising your own work