Due Today

Introductory paragraph and outline for your solution essay. 

Matt Bors Millenials Argument

Can we stop worrying about Millenials yet?

What is Bors argument? How does he provide support for his argument? How does he make use of the medium? 


How detailed is your outline? Do you have the reasons and evidence figured out? Make sure to connect the research you have done to each reason you are making as evidence. 

Sample Outline for an Argumentative Essay

    1. Introduction Make the question, problem, or topic clear; and state the debatable point of view.
      1. Attention Getter
      2. Necessary Background Information
      3. Thesis Statement Example: Archaic sex education programs teach abstinence as the only effective means to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but newer sex education programs that teach safe sex practices have proven to be more effective, and should replace outdated abstinence-only programs.
    2. State/Transition to Topic One Describe and address the opposing stance, noting its validity yet questioning its case.
      1. Topic Sentence Example: Proponents for abstinence-only programs argue that abstinence is the only effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy because they reason that a person who does not engage in sexual intercourse cannot possibly become pregnant.
      2. Supporting details appealing to credibility, logic, and/or emotion.
    3. State/Transition to Topic Two Address the opponent’s argument by balancing it with the argument of the essay.
      1. Topic Sentence Example: Although proponents for abstinence-only programs have been effective in the past, recent observations and studies show that teenagers do not remain abstinent even if they are currently enrolled in abstinence-only programs.
      2. Supporting details appealing to credibility, logic, and/or emotion.
    4. State/Transition to Topic Three Confirm the argument of the essay, and reinforce it with credible supporting details.
      1. Topic Sentence Example: Numerous studies conducted in the past five years serve as examples verifying that newer programs teaching safe sex practices are more effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy than the outdated, ineffective, and impractical abstinence-only programs used for decades.
      2. Supporting details appealing to credibility, logic, and/or emotion.
    5. Conclusion Revisit key points
      1. discredit topics against the proposed argument
      2. reaffirm topics in support of the argument
      3. answer the original question/problem
      4. answer the “So What” question

Purposes of Arguments

What is your purpose in writing this argument essay?

  • To Inform?
  • To Convince?
  • To Explore?
  • To Move to Action?


Use this checklist to revise your essay. 

  • Early in the piece, I offer a clear and interesting claim about the text.
  • The claim is arguable—someone could use evidence to offer a different interpretation or disagree with me.
  • I use lots of direct evidence from the text to support my claim.
  • The evidence I use shows that I know the text well and have thought about it more than just a superficial reading.
  • I organize my evidence into meaningful points and explain the evidence.
  • I make sure the reader understands why the evidence supports and advances my claim.


  1. Draft Argument essay
  2. Read Chapter 36, Peer Editing