Solution Argument Rough Draft

MLA In-Text

MLA Style Manual Handbook

MLA: In-Text Citations (8th edition, 2016) Video

How would you cite this page in-text in MLA?

How would you cite it if their was no visible author? If it had two authors? If it had three authors?

MLA Works Cited

Video MLA Style: Lost of Works Cited (8th Edition, 2016)

MLA Style 8th edition quick guide

Cite this web page as a works cited entry. 

Peer Editing

Check their citations. Do they look correct? Are they missing any citations?

Peer edit the same way you revise your own work. Pay attention to global issues first. Don’t worry about grammar or sentence structure yet. Focus on improving and clarifying the ideas. 

Be specific in identifying problems or opportunities. Explain what the problem you see if. Avoid vague language like “awkward.” Explain what it is that is awkward and give suggestions for how to improve. 

Offer suggestions for improvement. If they are not mentioning a major counterargument, suggest it for them to address. If a point is unclear, explain how they can clarify it. 

Praise what is genuinely good in the paper. No false praise. If you like a particular point or passage, let them know. 

Use proofreading symbols, if you know them. Otherwise, mark up the paper directly so that they will have a reference from which to revise their work. 

Keep comments tactful. Treat other’s work as you would like to have your efforts treated. Stay on topic and don’t be mean or harsh, that is not productive. 


Revise your draft.