Is college worth it?

Is going to college worth it? Many high school students start to get ready for college, but many of them start asking questions, like is college worth it? I was a victim of a college dropout two years ago when I decided to give school a break, not knowing it will delay my time on graduating. More or less, college has a significant high rate of college student dropouts with in the first year or so and society wants to make a change.

            I, myself asked the same question “Is going to college worth it?” After attending Fullerton College for two years and taking a year a half off, I decided to go back to school. My intention was to take a semester off, but it did not go as planned. Money was not a problem but the lack of enthusiasm I had went down because I began working my first job. I ignored the importance of college and did not really think twice about it. Being a fresh meat in college did bring a lot of pressure because you don’t really know anyone, unfamiliar with the school and to top it off you don’t always get the classes that you need. In the other hand, I forgot how much fun college could be as well. Getting to meet new people and being in a new atmosphere was something I missed. I ran into a few of my friends I went to middle school with who I had no idea they went there. It was like middle school all over again. They too had just gone back to school and the reason was because they knew they did not want to be working the same job for ever. I had my first job and all I wanted to do was start to make my own money. Money that I did not have to ask my parents for anymore, was the best feeling ever (so I thought).  

            College is beneficial in many ways. One way is you will get to study the career you always wanted. Learning about a specific field and getting knowledge about it will determine if you want to continue or not. The American debate argues, “college is not worth it contend that the debt from college loans is too high, delays graduates from saving or even getting married” ( Argumentative, loans can get paid off and it will be worth the time and money that is being spend. A career is forever and a debt is not. You can also change your career if later on in the road you find something better that interest you. Having some college experience, I can I changed my career goals like five times. I was undecided at first, then something caught my eye but I did not like the long terms commitment so I changed it again. The best thing about college is starting with the simple classes and challenging yourself to become better.

            Another college benefit is, college students are healthier and tend to live longer. Because many jobs offer great benefits, like health insurance, people take advantage of it, and that makes them save a little extra money. did a study in which conducted smokers in college and smokers not in college. 20% of all adults were smokers and only 9% were in college. When you are in college, college is a main priority for many students. They do not tend to have many distractions due to them wanting to achieve their goals in college. Many college students also see their own scarifies and they don’t want to put that to waste. Many people have lives outside of school but I have come to learn that without school there is low chances on getting a great paid job.

            Young adults learn interpersonal skills in college. This means that students get involve in more activities in school and volunteer when the help is needed. In addition, professors seem to like when the students offer there help and do all these extra work. An example given by explains, “Americans are the most innovative people in the world because of the education system.” They are engaging students to keep pushing forward and go to school. There are some professors who actually care about the students. They push them so they can become someone great in life. Having said that, in high school I had one of the best English teachers, Ms. Howell, who I looked up to in many ways. She did not only want her students to get the material but she offered her time outside of school hours to really help someone when they really needed the work done. She made me believe that I can be anyone in the world that I would like to be.

            Another benefit is college graduates have lower poverty rates. Everyone says they want to be rich someday and no one is getting left behind. With the amount of education, a college student is willing to get, they can even become the next president. A research done by estimated about 12% of high school graduates, without further education, to being classified as poor compare to just 4% with higher education. Not only is this scary but, numbers increased each and every year. The more children we can get to go school the better numbers will have every year. That number will then disappear if we can get the word spread of how important it is to go to college and not dropout. The media will have less to talk about, even less violence and crimes in the communities. It all starts with the children having a right path to life.

            Lastly, college students expose to diverse people and ideas. Students live, go to classes, and socialize with other students from around the world and learn from professors. Students all over the world go to school meeting new people and sometimes even learning something new from them. All knowledge is accepted and welcome as long as you want to learn. Everyone in the school atmosphere has a great individual strength that is share and influenced all the time. did a survey on random college freshman and came to a conclusion that,” It is very important to try to understand the reasoning behind the opinions of others”. People may not know what someone else has been through and or what kind of intelligence they are thriving for. It is best to learn from others something that you may not even know about. The best memories are created in school.

            I made the best decision of going back to college this year because now I know I don’t want to be stuck working the same job and be living paycheck to paycheck. It is nice working and making money but, what I have learn is money comes and goes. The more money you have the more you spend it. Later on, you start getting tired of working but now is mandatory that you work because your parents are making you pay rent, etc. I know coming back to college is a struggle yet, is not something many people wouldn’t be able to handle. You get to learn your strengths and weaknesses by confronting your biggest fears. I have learned throughout the whole process that without education you won’t succeed in life. Every job now requires more than a high school diploma, unless you want to be flipping burgers at burger king like 50cent says on his song.

College has made me the person I am today by letting me continue where I left off. I had the proper guidance at home and if it wasn’t for my mom pushing me to go back I would have never step foot at another college. Chaffey college being my second college I attend has brought my hopes up to achieving all my goals I have set for myself in life. College does change a person for the better. All the time I am spending in school will benefit when I am working my dream job. I am majoring in Accounting and many people don’t know how the world of numbers work. I am content with where I have gotten myself to in life and I know with the great professors they have here in college, the college life becomes a bit easier. If kids are talked to at a young age about finishing school and how important it is they will want to continue with there education. If they are not, they will want to not go to school. We already have a big amount of college students dropping out we don’t want future college students to do it too. The more we talk to these future students they will be motivated. Trips to colleges all around will be helpful as well as having them do some kind of research paper so they can be informing. And lastly, having a great support team at home will definitely have a great positive impact.

            Nevertheless, college is a great place to be. In the long run all the negativity thoughts school made people think about will disappear for the same reason that better jobs will be entitled to people who have a higher education. When I talk about my experience many people are actually proud of me because I took that step to go back to college. Many people when they dropout don’t go back but I did. More or less, college has a significant high rate of college student dropouts with in the first year or so and society wants to make a change I know we can.

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