The border is wide open for cartels and terrorists. Secure our border now. Build a massive wall and deduct the costs from Mexican foreign aid says president Donald Trump on twitter. Racism has been going on for years mostly with Latinos and since Trump took the presidency is non stop he has insulted Mexicans in many ways and think they are all bad people just like in The Book of Unknown Americans some characters think they can insult Mexicans in this book many families have experienced racism and have been offended by people. Most of them have encounter in some way or another poor treatment by a white or high position person. Since trump disapproval of immigrants and Mexicans our society has been cruel to this ethnic group of people just like in the story by Cristina Enriquez.

Donald trump president of the United States of America promised that he would make America great again, but what makes it great? In his point of view Mexicans are what doesn’t. The United States is a great country because of its great diversity and all the different cultures that come together. This country is the American dream where people come to accomplish a goal in life and be successful this is what differentiates us from other countries and makes us out stand. He doesn’t understand that many of this people were born, raised, and educated here many of them don’t even considerate themselves Mexicans, yet they “don’t feel free to claim the thing they feel they are and don’t feel the thing they’re supposed to claim”(78)  and all this is for ignorant people like him. Some of this brown people don’t even know how to speak Spanish most of the time because they are the third generation. He is not the only one who thinks this way he has many followers throughout the country who have been supporting Trump since the beginning of his campaign.

Every president has to get the majority of the citizens votes to be the president and that’s how we know what kind of change people wants. The fact that Trump won the elections means that there’s people who believe in his words and it shows how the majority of society feel the same way toward immigrants and Mexicans, they even think “every Spanish speaker is from Mexico.”(69) Cops see a brown face through the windshield and boom! Sirens!(166) like if they were all dangerous people trying to do bad, somehow  It always has to be Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, as if the rest don’t exist(140). when they hear or see a brown person they imagine a rapist, a person who is part of a gang, or dangerous  because that’s what Trump has taught them to believe: Mexican immigrants are”rapists” and criminals and when Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best they’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs” how can we believe in a person like him if he has no morals or respect for anyone even the pope is in disagreement with him “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel,” Pope Francis told journalists during a visit to Mexico when asked about Trump’s immigration positions. February 2016. It is not only immigrants and Mexicans who think Trump is going to far with his hatred it’s people all over the world. He also thinks Mexico is going to attack the US like when a plane flew overhead during a town hall in Manchester, New Hampshire “That could be a Mexican plane up there — they’re getting ready to attack,” June 2016. And for all this people are having to pay the consequences by being physically and mentally assaulted also blamed by saying and thinking Mexicans are taking away American citizens jobs, how can people who speak English, have a social security, and have education in this country say such thing when they can be getting better jobs because I don’t think they’re talking about flipping burgers, washing dishes in a restaurant, working in the heat of the sun harvesting food, or being a waitress. Mexicans and many immigrants have such a role to play in this country and just like Mayors father thinks everyone should “If people want to tell me to go home, I just turn to the and smile politely and say, “I’m already there.”

Equality is important and color, ethnicity and, looks are nothing we are all equal in god’s eye. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover just because someone think something bad about it. The character from the book of unknown Americans relate to all this feelings rejection, being insults, and bad treatment even though the time they were living in was a year before this they still had a hard time now imagine how worse it is with Trump taking the presidency , he has made it even worse for immigrants and Mexicans people who are only trying to make a good living the best way possible they can. Mexicans are not rapist, sexist, or bad people. California is one of the states with more Hispanics and it’s still one of the most beautiful to live in, so next time you encounter an immigrant or Mexican don’t judge ahead of time.


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