Have you seen or heard of a book with no meaning or no direction for it? The point of books, stories, songs, and artworks are made to have purpose to the audience to invoke some type of emotion or feeling when the audience enjoys any type of work. Have you ever been asked, what your favorite song or favorite artists? Why do you think people ask you that every time you meet someone new? It’s because it has meaning to which you are as a person and helps others to understand you as well as connect with you better. “The NEO Personality Inventory and an abbreviated version of the Little and Zuckerman (1986) Music Preference questionnaire were administered to university students to test the relation of openness and extroversion to music preferences. Replicating the findings of other researchers, extroversion was positively related to one kind of music with high arousal properties (jazz), and excitement seeking to another (hard rock).” (Dollinger) Dollinger show that music is in fact of a person’s being and how they see things.But as time goes on music has had artists that stop have meaning and some say “soul” in their music.

Music has always has had an influence in someone’s life even if they’re not try to become the next top artists. Music has help people heal in some ways because of its message of it. Or it has healed the mind and body by play what the music is instrumentally. “After complaining of a constant headache, Taylor McPherson was told by doctors that she had a ruptured blood vessel bleeding into her brain. Surgery ensued and, after waking up from a medically-induced coma, McPherson was terrified to realize that not only could she not remember who her parents were, but she couldn’t speak either.”(Koehl) With the help of her guitar she was able to find her voice again and was inspired to write a song through her music therapy about her journey through rehab. This is a story of how a woman found her voice after a medical-induced coma but that was music therapy.

In John McWhorter, All about the Beat: Why Hip-Hop Can’t Save Black America, He talk about how hip-hop music is seen a revolutionary of black politics. His argument is that people should see hip-hop music as just music. Which is true but the meaning behind the music is what makes it so strong that he sees this problem to Black America. Hip hop music speaks to people in various ways that can help or hurt the population as a whole. That is his main point in his book about hip hop music but not to bash hip hop music as a whole. Which shows how powerful a message in music can be but in today’s music the message is becoming more and more unapparent or completely left out. Like in Designer’s song, Panda, the song make no sense and when people hear or dance to it is because of the beat. But people aren’t moved by any of the lyrics in it like the Janelle Monae’s “Ghetto Women.” Which talks about her experience as a child and how her mom raised her even though she was going back and forth to job after job. This song makes people think about what their parents might had to go through to raise them with a good life. Usually music is to express some type of feeling or some agenda but now some music is never like that. I personally have heard song about the feeling of falling in love or how he or she can’t seem to connect with the person they like. But today’s music there are more songs about sex, drugs, or clubbing. But there are artist that have soul and meaning in today’s pop music.

Music is just about the beat, melody, and harmony. But this is the basic definition of music for some people it is just that. Music doesn’t need anything else as long as it sells to most people this is true. Music is done by people that were born with the talent for it for some they have had the talent for it but it never stops there. This is the basic argument given when it comes to music, sense to most music seems like the easy choice in life. I personally have had a teacher say that music was the easy choice out of life. Or that it will never work because of the competition in the field. The basic point of this is that music doesn’t need meaning to be music. “First, music’s significance for human life and its very nature are understood through metaphorical predication ‐for example, music is art; music is social behavior; music is the commodity; music is symbol or text. Interpretations of musical signification result from processes of identity, vicinity, association and contrast, which help to create multiple meanings for music.”(Rice)

Classical music was a story with no words or with words from an actual story. In Meyer’s Emotion and Meaning in Music, it talks about what music had to go through and the opposing side of music. But mostly he talks about the emotion inflicted in a piece of music and how the music came to be that way. He starts with the classical at the beginning since the meaning was to give the people and story through music. The type of music were the people that performing had to feel the most to perform it an accurate way or the music will lose all meaning. Music is its own beast in itself. It can make people fall in love to hating each other the next day. Music is a roller-coaster that very few can successfully stay on without falling.

In conclusion, music needs to mean something to people just because an artist doesn’t feel they need doesn’t mean they are truly an artist. What needs to stop in the music Industry?  What needs to stop people getting in it for all the wrong reasons. If I want to make a song going ‘yeah’ the whole entire song and the beat are turned and it gets everyone turned then I’m making a song called Yeah.” (Lil’ Yachty) This need to stop it not real music anymore it just about a beat and it not right to all the people that spent years of work to write a song for people like this to criticize how hard they worked to make it. Since it took Lin-Manuel Miranda about 6 years to write all the song for Hamilton and people love the songs and it really speaks to most of the people that heard them.