Have you ever felt as if no one understood you? Did you ever have the urge to portray yourself as another person to hide your inner pain?  There will come a point in time where your silence and pain will be released from the wall you have built within your self. Logic’s music video, “1-800-273-8255” illustrates the insight of a young boy’s life whose only solution to his problems with his friends and family seem to be suicide. A meaningful music video in which Logic portrays the young boy facing adversity and overcoming it. Which in reality is presented to all whom suffer from suicidal thoughts and depression with the listed number to the suicide prevention hotline as the songs title. Robert Bryson Hall who is better known by his stage name Logic, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer (thefamouspeople). He was brought up in poverty and was exposed to a handful of struggles within his childhood  (thefamouspeople). Being able to find happiness and positivity in an atmosphere where your brother and father both buy and sell drugs, your sisters get abused, and your mother is an alcoholic, can be quite difficult (thefamouspeople). He took these experiences as motivational energy to incorporate them on paper and through his music. Although Logic’s music video depicts one teen’s struggle to fit in, the majority of the message focuses on issues affecting todays youth.

Societies expectations of teenagers usually result in many teens feeling alienated from their peers and friends.  The video is introduced through the eyes of a young African American boy. He was brought up in a suburban neighborhood within a well nurturing family. The boy is a well known athlete whose life is seemingly perfect. His emotions later start to take affect as he develops sexual attraction to another boy. Homosexuality is opposed in societies expectations of a “perfect” teenager. His happiness is overlooked by his friends and family who disagree with his lifestyle. Placing him in an uncomfortable and confusing environment resulting in unhappiness and suicidal thoughts. The boy’s father displays his feelings towards homosexuality by throwing the boy’s magazine, which had a picture of a shirtless man on the table. The place where the boy used to call home feels more like the furthest place from home. His families support was one of the most valuable things in his life. Having lost their support, he now feels lonelier than ever. This indicates that the child is at risk and is not accepted for who he is, even within his family. The lyrics then state, I’ve been praying for somebody to save me/ I know I’m hurting deep down but can’t show it/ I never had a place to call my own” (Logic). He felt like everyone was against him and he needed to be “saved”. That place he called his “own” was now a place that would hurt him.  Expressing one’s feelings in society is considered as a “weakness” resulting in the boy’s withdrawal of conversations that expressed his true thoughts and feelings. This is why he says, “hurting deep down but can’t show it” (Logic). He then runs away into the darkness of the streets within his quite suburban neighborhood. With this in mind he starts to fade away from his family and steers towards what he thought would keep him happy and away from the pain he felt. Within the youth and teen years, many are trying to find themselves and fit into the norm that society has created. But sometimes when someone doesn’t fit into those so called “norms,” is when bullying starts and at times can be taken too far.


The video represents our society and the issues the youth and teens face today. Logic choses to write about suicide prevention for a reason, and it was to depict how society today has changed through bullying. In an interview with Ellen, Logic states, “it’s a fight for equality regardless of race, religion, color and sexual orientation.” By showing the African American boy having an intimate relationship with a Caucasian boy, it presents how race was not the only issue because the Caucasian boy’s father was very hostile about catching them in bed together. He was aware of homosexuality but was speechless and disappointed when seeing his own son in that situation. The video then takes a pause, there is only low music indicating the vibe between the African American boy and the father as he silently escorts him out without a murmur. Logic presents how we all have been through the feeling, where we would feel out of place. Alessia the singer states, “Its the very first breath/ when your head’s been drowning underwater.”Here she compares the pain and depression the boy feels to the first breath you take when drowning.  This can give a sensation of when you are breathing in cement and you can feel it within your chest as if its hurting your heart. Showing how hard it may be for the boy to live life. Alessia then states, “And its the lightness in the air/ When you’re there/ Chest to chest with a lover.” Representing how love can bring “lightness” to the dark and gloomy atmosphere like the boy felt when he was “chest to chest with his lover.” Alessia also indicates why she chose to be part of the music video in the interview with Ellen, in the Ellen the Generous show, explaining how “it’s a touchy subject” where people feel like “their lives are not worth it from just being themselves”. This is important because at this point of the video the boy feels as if he is alone and that he is very close to his breaking point.  

Many people believe that suicide may be a way out of problems, the music video shows that anyone can find a way out by seeking help. At one point the boy felt as if he had lost his support system and that he was alone. But logic portrays the couch (teacher) watching the boy’s actions from afar with concern. Logic then states, “I feel like I’m out of my mind/ It feels like my life aint mine/ who can relate.” When someone is struggling with depression they feel as if their “out of [their] mind” because they think no one can understand them. The boy starts to live at the school because he wants to avoid those who are against him “it feels like my life aint mine” (Logic). The boy feels like his “perfect” life has changed so much because of his sexual orientation and feels isolated. Logic points out that other people can relate to the boy’s situation and calls attention by stating “who can relate.” People in society can be going through the same issues but feel alone, but can not communicate their feelings because they feel foreign in todays society as if no one will understand their issues. The music video then goes into background music when the coach approaches the boy and you can feel the pain and concern the teacher has as you read his lips when he asks the boy if “he’s okay”.  This is important because Logic wants to present that even when someone feels alone, they really arnt. The changes in the boy’s behavior was noticeable to the coach and he took action. The coach talks to the boy’s father, while the boy goes home and finds a gun. As the boy debates whether or not to kill himself you can feel his pain as you see the boy break. Throughout the video he’s been quite, holding in his pain but as he finds himself pointing the gun to his head you can see his tears running down his cheeks. One can only imagine the thoughts and events going through his head as he contemplates his life. The video than dies into silence, as the boy is shown in a car. Later you find out that the boy had called the suicide hotline as presented as the title of the song. The “silence” symbolized the boy passing over his struggles such as, depression, sexual orientation, bullying and having the sense of not fitting into society. Logic states, “I finally wanna be alive/ I don’t wanna die today/ I don’t want to die.” Explaining that the young boy had chosen to “be alive” and he wanted to choose another route. At times when someone runs out of choices they don’t realize that depression is a real issue and seeking help towards it is normal. Logic does a great job with explaining this within the video because he than portrays the young boy growing up and having a family of his own. For example, the video depicts how he is getting married to another man with the support of his family. As Logic states, “I don’t even wanna die anymore/ oh I don’t wanna/ I don’t wanna/ I don’t even wanna die anymore.” This shows that no matter the hardships he faced, he still persevered and became the man he wanted to be. At the end he had his support system, his family, his sexual orientation did not matter and he also had the opportunity to adopt a child. The video ends off with happiness and smiles the boy discovered himself and realized cutting his life short was not the way to go.

Logic’s music video depicts the issues within society today. He made the video to show how someone who is living an ordinary life, with the support of his parents and a star athlete can face issues. The issue showed how race, sexual orientation had alienated the young boy away from his friends and family. The boy struggled through his beliefs and when he thought he couldn’t handle it anymore he chose to call the suicide hotline in order to seek help. This shows the major importance of the video that if one perseveres and works through their problems, suicide isn’t the only choice. There is always a bright side to life.



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