It seems everywhere you turn every restaurant, fast food place, or grocery store delivers. Let’s face it who has time to go out and drive to the grocery store or to a restaurant when you’re so busy with your work, school, or family. Door Dash and Uber eats are the most popular delivery services that majority of the society uses to get either their lunch or dinner delivered to them. McDonald’s is the most well know fast food restaurant all around the world. They have created multiple restaurants that are personally owned (Franchise) by individuals and company corporations which are ran by the original owners only, in chains. McDonald’s has been in the fast food industry since the 1940’s, starting out in a small restaurant in San Bernardino, California. McDonald’s just recently collaborated with Uber, which is a driving services that allow individuals to drive their own personal vehicle to pick up those who need transportation and take them to their destinations. Uber just recently came out with a new app, called Uber eats, where they pick up an individuals food and bring it to their destination. McDonald’s began the collaboration with Uber eats, in order to advertise it, they created a slogan, called “Would You Like McDelivery With That?” Since delivery services are now being provided anywhere this is the perfect way for McDonald’s to not only provide better service to hungry customers who have little time to get their meal but, better for the franchise .

The word that is being advertised on the McDonalds brown bags is “McDelivery” which is in black letters at the bottom of the bag under a big red circle with the famous arch with dots underneath the arch making a smiley face . When walking into the restaurant you may also notice an employee wearing a red button with five words written in white and one word in orange that says “McDelivery.” The button also has the arch in a small circle with the word underneath that says “McDelivery” all in white, above the sentence “Would You Like McDelivery With That?” next to that is a white fainted line, along with a tiny fork inside of a circle with “Uber Eats” written underneath it in white letters. The slogan is mimicking the popular fast food phrase “Would You like Fries with That?’ this well-known phrase is usually asked by employees working at a fast food restaurant when a customer is orders an item from the given menu.

Uber has only been around for a few years. In 2009 Uber was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in San Francisco with just the idea that came from being in Paris at conference because they couldn’t get a cab. The idea because they used a timeshare limo app with the press of a button they then took in to the U.S back in San Francisco and called it Ubercab then changed it to Uber in the 2010 (Blystone). Four years later Uber eventually came up with a service that does food delivery called, “Uberfresh” which stated in Santa Monica, California they then changed the name to Ubereats and got its own platform separated from the Uberrides platform (Wikipedia). Ubereats offer lunch, breakfast, and dinner in certain areas. Ubereats collaborate with restaurants that are local and now nationwide ubereats just launched that they now deliver for the most popular restaurant back in May of 2017 which is McDonald’s

McDonald’s globally, has already been known to be the most top highest delivery fast food places in the last two decades in most countries like Asia and the middle east who gets 40% of their sells from delivery. Collaborating with Ubereats McDonalds is sure to become more popular then it already is with especially with Ubereats that is already known for its being the place to get any type of food from whatever restaurant you want. With so much money McDonald’s collect which was $88 billion in the U.S of 2016 this they should have no problem with being bringing in more customers through delivery (statista). This advertisement is showing that with people busy schedule and fast pasced lives now one truly has time to cook or go out and waste gas just to go pick up something to eat for dinner and or lunch.

When this advertisement started showing it was in August in some areas which was perfect because it was the end of summer and kids where going back to school and parent s were going back to work and/or school. During the beginning of the fall for most parent s they have so much that is going on like picking the kids up from school taking them to practices and getting home to cook and do other things on days like the weekend their either tired of cooking and they don’t want to go out they could just order something other than pizza to deliver. This delivery can also help with others who don’t have a long lunch break but crave something from McDonald’s but it is too far away, they can just use the Ubereats app to just have their lunch delivered to them.

This may contradict a lot of things something like this is starting because it only seems like this is going to make society even more lazier because no one would not want to go out any more to eat when they can just have everything delivered to their door. This will continue to increase more money for doctors because that mean it will be more health problems for people and that there would be more visits at the doctor’s office. This also helps people save gas because gas prices are always constantly going up.

The advertisement gives off its signature colors of the store which is red and yellow which has been the colors for McDonald’s since 1940s and the “McDelivery is showing that it is part of a delivery service place that is just now coming around that everyone is using. McDeliverry is for those nights when it is really cold and its late and when there is a McDonald’s that is opened 24 hours.

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