“Sex sells” has been the main motto for many companies when it comes to advertising. Advertisements are the way companies get the attention of different types of consumers to get them to buy a product. Companies use different types of ways of advertising to get the attention of a certain type of group. Carl’s Jr started sponsoring their hamburger with sexual advertisements to mainly attract the Related imagestereotypical young adult males. Meaning that young males are known for liking hamburgers, and beautiful females. Carl’s Jr. has made many types of sexual commercials using many beautiful models to advertise a hamburger. In the “Eater” website there is a comment that says, “Carl’s Jr. racy ‘slutburger’ commercials just aren’t doing it anymore for the American public” (Eater). People are reporting that Carl’s Jr. is over-sexualizing their commercials and they are advertising the sex more than the product they are selling. With many negative comments about their advertisement, Carl’s Jr. decides to come out with a different commercial in which they try to point the advertisement to the hamburger, which is the product they sell.

            The commercial starts off with Carl Jr., the son of Carl Hardee, the former owner of the company, is in the office with two of his friends. The office has many sexual posters of women sponsoring their hamburgers. His dad then comes into the office with maintenance men. In the office, he instructs the men to take down the poster of Kate Upton, a model used in their advertisement, shirtless holding two hamburgers in front of her breast. Carl Jr. tries to explain that it was supposed to be a fresh ingredient advertisement, but his dad just ignores him and ask about one of his friends in the office, and Carl Jr. pretends he does not know who he is, so Carl says, “Shut up, Junior” (Carl Hardee Sr. Returns).

            Hardee then looks to the camera, and starts talking to the audience and says, “…When I started the company it was about pioneering a new way to food” (Carl Hardee Sr. Returns). As they start walking out of the office Carl Hardee starts talking about how had passed down to his son. As he was talking about his son he got interrupted, by a sexual advertisement his son made. A female worker then unplugs the television, and Carl then finishes off and says his son got distracted. Which was the reason why he was making the commercials sexual. The lady that unplugged the television seemed to be bothered by the advertisement, which was a way for the audience viewing the advertisement could see that the company noticed the female audience was bothered by it. Carl Hardee then goes downstairs to the wall where there are pictures of the history of the company. The advertisement then transitions into the past of the company, and Carl starts narrating the past of the company, and how it grew and how it came to be the company it is today. The point of him narrating the past to describe what his company was really for, not for the things that are being advertised. The advertisement is meant to target the people offended by the commercials, which were mainly women.

            The advertisement finally ends up with Carl walking out of the company with his son. As they walk out Carl Jr.’s car is being towed out of the parking lot, and the giant lights saying, “Junior’s Parking” turn off. This was shown in the advertisement to show that the company has now officially gone back to the way it was. When the lights turned off from Carl Jr.’s parking spot it was a way to show that it was not just the parking spot getting shut off, but also Carl Jr. himself was getting demoted from the company. The message that wanted to be sent out was that now Carl Jr. was demoted the sexual advertisements would stop.

            Companies are focused on selling their products, so they find a type of group that they want to sell to. In the situation with the restaurant, Carl’s Jr. they wanted to get the attention of young and adult males because they are known for liking hamburgers. They decided to gain the attention of the audience they wanted to attract by using stereotypes. Which in the case of young adult and adult males, was liking beautiful women. Carl’s Jr. started making their commercials sexual because they thought that was the best way to keep their consumers buying their hamburgers. The there idea worked at first, but then as the years started passing by more people were getting offended by their advertisements, or they just found it disturbing. In the website Complaint Broad a women states, “I am beyond tired of having these slutty, raunchy Carls Jr ads shoved in my family’s and my face…I have 3 young children at home and throughout the years have had to either have them avert their eyes when your disgusting and perverse Carls Jr ads would come on, or I would have to turn channel” (Complaint Board). This is a comment of a female that was bothered by the advertisements that were being made. After Carl’s Jr. realized the damage these advertisements were making to the company the decision to stop. The easiest way out of the problem was to make a different advertisement showing why the sexual advertisements were being shown.

            The advertisement is titled “Carl Hardee Sr. Returns”, this was meant to show that the original owner of the company was back to put order back in the company. The point of this new advertisement is to get rid of the “Sex sells”. The advertisement was meant so it would seem that Carl Jr. was responsible for the sexualizing the advertisements, and to get the customers back. It is easy to believe that the reason was for such sexual advertisement was caused because of a young immature male, and having a mature adult back to running the company seemed more convincing that the sexual advertisements were going to stop.

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