“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” one of the many famous quotes by Albert Einstein. Albert is known for being one of the brightest minds of the 20th century. Albert was a pioneer for physics, dubbing him as a father of modern physics. He is most famous for his theory of General Relativity and how it changed the modern scientific world. He is also famous for many different quotes ranging from many different points of his life about certain subjects. But his quote detailing our rapid advancements in technology was his most insightful thoughts about life and the future. Technology has been great for the advancement of humanity, but technology has also not been used for the betterment of mankind.

Some of the greatest forms of technology has brought many casualties for many people, firearms, pharmaceuticals, and even the internet are all used to commit many crimes.

Firearms has been one of the most manufactured tools created throughout human history, many countries have put great priority into developing firearms. They are the leading form of weaponry in wars and they are also a popular weapon when used for crimes and even for protection. They are an important part of human history, they have brought upon many good circumstances for people such as self protection or stopping a crime. But they have also brought upon an ocean wide plague of misfortune to people such as their involvement in the world wars.

The world Wars are a great example of what humans are willing to do to win against their enemies. In his quote Einstein mentions that humanity has been surpassed by technology.  When he talks about humanity, he means are empathy. Are ability to understand and care for one another. During both of the world wars  large casualties were on all sides of the battlefield. Many soldiers and civilians died. Many countries were on the verge of being taken over, or having a large portion of their population dead from the conflict. For many countries the economy had dropped severely, leaving many people who had survived the conflict with very little money to feed themselves of their families. Many soldiers had died during those times, and the soldiers that did make it out were injured, some with only minor injuries. While others had severe ones such as lost limbs. Many also came out with psychological problems such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD for short. These injuries were caused by the rapid development of many different weapons during the time. Einstein was alive during to witness and play a part during these points in human history. During those times he has seen the worst of humanity and wished to not play a part in it. He had recognized that technology was being developed to end human life not to better it and to expand our horizons. Pharmaceuticals for the most part are used for the betterment of all life, but it has also been a leading cause for unfortunate events.

Just like firearms, pharmaceuticals are being developed at an incredible rate. Many new, more effective forms of medicine are being created everyday. Curing many people of illnesses or holding back incurable illness people may have that currently do not have a permanent cure, like cancer. However, pharmaceuticals have been a leading cause when it comes to crime. Many illegal groups of people such as the cartel for example either steal medicine, or create different forms of pharmaceuticals to sell to other people of money. The drug underworld is a leading problem on a global scale, it is ever growing and does not seem to be slowing down. Like with wars, firearms are in plenty of use when gangs will kill each other in this war for drugs. Unfortunately drugs have become an effective illegal way of making money for these gangs. While knew forms of medicine is being developed to improve people’s lives, it’s also being used to harm just as many, and only being collected for profit. The inappropriate use of pharmaceuticals only further proves the point Einstein was making. No matter what type of new technology is being developed, someone will use it to their advantage, even if it is a detriment to other people. The most complex form of technology that has been given to people is the ever growing internet.

The internet at this point in modern history is synonymous with the development of people and technology. The internet has grown at an incredible rate and continues to grow, it is a vast space of knowledge and entertainment. It has become a part of everyone’s lives and is an integral part in how we interact with other people. It is perhaps humans greatest achievement in technology. It is relatively free and provides access to everyone, it has no filter.  Since that is the case the internet has also been a detriment to mankind in many ways. Theft through hacking, cyber bullying and selling illegal products are ways in which the internet has caused more harm than good to many people.

Albert was right about the course of technology when he talking about where it was headed in the future. While it has been a great advantage to the betterment of humans and to the betterment of life. Technology has also been used to cause great harm to many and continues to do so. Unfortunately there is currently not a clear rebuttal to Einstein’s claim due to what is in history and what is going on in today’s society. Their may never be one since Albert Einstein’s quote had accurately predicted the future.

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