In the commercial we can see Steve Harvey picking up where Verizon left off when they utilized colorful balls to make a statement that Verizon was simply the best carrier you can choose. Steve goes on by stating that Verizon did not tell you that they were using last year’s numbers stated on the card in his hand and that T-Mobile has double their LTE coverage and that they have more LTE towers than Verizon. Steve states “ …T-Mobile reaches pretty much everyone that they do, I’m not taking responsibility on this one! Verizon got it wrong! Not me!” Here Steve on behalf of T-Mobile is putting Verizon to shame with the #BALLOGIZE. He says “T-Mobile shows here that with wit and some humor that you can fact check your biggest opponent and still manage to look good doing so.

     T-Mobile and Verizon are some of the biggest names in the cellular network game. Both big companies are constantly cutting each other’s throats by hitting low blows via TV commercials. Both providing huge numbers stimulating more excitement to switch to the “best” option. T-Mobile in this commercial is in response to Verizon’s previous commercial bashing all the other carriers, stating that clearly Verizon has the biggest and most advanced from that year. Steve Harvey, famous show host, starts off where Verizon left off stating that Verizon was correct but sadly utilizing the Magenta Carrier’s last year’s’ numbers. The whole commercial war is constantly back and forth between the two giants ever since T-Mobile started the whole UN-Carrier moves, which started March 2013 with the introduction with Simple Choice & Mobile Without Borders (T-Mobile). Which in the short story meant that the coverage in America will be the same in Canada and Mexico without extra charges. They even got rid of the two-year contracts and allowed customers to upgrade their phones every year instead of waiting the traditional two years. These crazy movement sent all the other carriers, (AT&T, Sprint and Verizon), scrambling as customers started heading toward T-Mobile.

     T-Mobile in July 2013 introduced Jump! & Jump! ON Demand, which again sent all the carriers flying to the whiteboard to come up with ideas to keep customers within their grasp. John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, showed he was a force to be reckoned with when his first Un-carrier move eliminated traditional service contracts and caused his competitors to follow suit (Feloni). Everything that Tmo has done to the cellular network business has immensely benefited his customers from destroying the two-year contract system that was famous and even allowing Unlimited data usage that does not hurt the pocket of the consumer. Just recently T-Mobile worked with Domino’s Pizza to promote a new application where the Magenta network thanks its customers with free pizza every Tuesday! Sadly, Domino’s could not keep up with the overwhelming number of the Uncarrier’s customers and left the promotion just after two weeks of the launch date. Soon after word got to Sprint and Verizon they too launched their version of “T Mobile Tuesdays” and started to give their customers free items. Time and time the Magenta carrier has changed the game and leaving its competitors behind playing the catch-up game.

     Some rumors have been said that Sprint and T-Mobile have been talking about a possible merging between the two companies and give Verizon and even AT&T a run for their money. Taken with a grain of salt do not believe all that is said and it’s possible that they do not merge. Verizon is a big company for way back in the day just when T-Mobile was just about to get squashed by the giants of the business. Today it seems like the other way around with Mr. Legere on top of things as he is a fresh and ecstatic CEO. His methods of rocking his magenta shoes and jackets keep his competitor wandering what is next. What is this guy going to come up with next? A few days ago Netflix on us was announced stating that anyone with the T-Mobile Unlimited plan can get Netflix for free for no extra cost. So far Verizon has stayed quiet on the topic but we shall see what comes next as their response should be to catch up with all the crazy business tactics that The Un-Carrier unleashed time and time again.

     In the said promotion, we have the famous Steve Harvey hosting the show just after a controversy a few weeks prior to this commercial. Of course, T-Mobile capitalized on the controversy by making fun of the accident where Steve Harvey was hosting the 2016 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant and mistakenly crowned Miss Columbia instead of Miss Philippines, there he had to embarrassingly had to correct and take the crown away from Miss Columbia in front of everyone watching the show. It was a very big mistake that he owned up to and fixed on the spot, apologizing to everyone and Miss Columbia for the screw-up. He explained that he was confused when reading the winners card and even showed everyone what the card had said and how confusing it was (Delbyck). When Steve Harvey in the commercial says “… Verizon got it wrong, not me” this is the incident he likes to look back on and kind of make fun of himself. Although we see these ads as funny or entertaining, what is really happening is a commercial war between these two giants. When we look at the nitty gritty of it all, we can see that in each commercial one or the other is always saying they are the best in this and in that. What is the truth? It depends on everyone different point of view and preferences, some may find that Verizon blows T-Mobile out the water in service and vice versa. Maybe we just will find out when the day comes when one of the two giants of these industries closes their business doors and the other standing tall and proud.