Professor Ramos

Puppy Monkey Baby Assembly Required 


In 2016 Mountain dew released a commercial specially made for the super bowl to advertise for three awesome things combined in one can of Mountain Dew. The creators of this commercial use disturbing humor that creates a lasting memory in the viewers’ minds, which was effective for advertisement but their strategy did not encourage viewers to drink Mountain Dew because they did not effectively use Pathos to convince viewers to purchase the drink.

. The commercial begins with 3 guys in an apartment sitting on a couch together. One guys say “man I might just chill tonight” and suddenly they hear a bark and see a random doggy door appear in a wall. As the doggy door opens, a creature called a puppy monkey baby walks through the door holding a metal bucket of Mountain Dew Kickstart drinks in one of its monkey hands, and a baby rattle in the other one. The puppy monkey baby hopped onto the coffee table while dancing and shaking its rattle in front of the young adults with its baby legs in a diaper and says “Puppy monkey baby.” The guys cringe as the words come from its doggy pug face and it jumps on one of the guys’ lap to hand him a can of Mountain Dew. While it’s on his lap, the other guys start drinking the Mountain Dew and the puppy monkey baby licks the one guy’s face while shaking his rattle and it says “Puppy, *lick* monkey, *lick* baby.”

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Although the guys are confused and disturbed by the creature’s puppy face, monkey torso, and baby legs, they find its song very catchy as they follow it out of the apartment, While each guy is drinking a can of Mountain dew they get energized and  begin dancing while the creature repeatedly says “Puppy monkey baby, puppy monkey baby” as it shakes its rattle to create a beat. The puppy monkey baby is supposed to symbolize three awesome things combined like the Mountain Dew beverage contains “Dew, juice, Caffeine combined.”

The commercial seems to either be loved or hated by viewers. Some of them had the puppy monkey baby song stuck in their head but didn’t even know what the commercial was advertising. Some people were excited to see the commercial on TV but others were annoyed when the song was stuck in their head. The combination of a puppy monkey baby hybrid was really horrifying for viewers and made them uncomfortable.Displaying 20171003_171421.png

Despite the fact that the commercial went viral, it was not convincing. Most people would not accept a beverage if a creepy creature hands it to them; not even for puppy monkey kisses on the face. Many viewers have posted on Twitter after watching the commercial saying “ Makes me not want to buy the #MtDew Kickstarter.” They obviously were not pleased with the commercial and did not find it enticing. Although viewers were disturbed, they could not look away from the strange, dancing creature.

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The commercial was supposed to make the guys seem drained but the dancing puppy monkey baby gave them a drink that gave them the same energy that the creature had. The fact that a puppy monkey baby was creepy didn’t matter to the guys when they were having fun while drinking an energy drink with it. What seemed to be a creepy intruder, was actually a nice creature trying to share with people who were lacking energy. Viewers don’t see it that way because they can’t get over how uncomfortable the puppy monkey baby makes them feel. Many viewers want the commercial to stop being advertised. The ones who enjoy watching the commercial aren’t persuaded to go buy the Mountain Dew drink, they just enjoy watching the commercial. Regardless of whether the commercial was disturbing or funny, it has been memorable to the audience and that is how the commercial demonstrates pathos. However, the commercial would be more effective if everyone was willing to watch it whenever it shows up. The disturbance only reminds the viewers that they don’t like the puppy monkey baby creature but they don’t think about the Mountain Dew drink that’s being advertised.Displaying 20171003_171457.png

Rather than just singing about itself, the puppy monkey baby should sing about the three awesome things in Mountain Dew as well. By singing about the drink, the puppy monkey baby would advertise more for the drink. If the commercial explained to the viewers that the drink gives you the same energy that the puppy monkey baby has, they may think about the drink as much as the puppy monkey baby. By making the commercial disturbing, people are more discouraged to buy the drink. The commercial could still be memorable if the puppy monkey baby was somehow made into a cute character.

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 In conclusion, the Mountain Dew kickstart commercial is an example of pathos because it is memorable even though it is seen as disturbing and horrifying. It is also amusing to viewers as they watch the entertaining puppy monkey baby dance. People who have seen the commercial post about their reactions on social medias, such as Twitter, which allows the commercial to go viral and become more popular. The creators of the commercial do not effectively use pathos to advertise for the mountain Dew drink because the puppy monkey baby confuses the viewers. They express their confusion and their misunderstanding for the point of the commercial on social media, such as Twitter. The puppy monkey baby is more memorable than what the commercial advertises. It is also memorable in ways that discourage people from buying the drink. The commercial would be more effective for advertising the drink if they used the puppy monkey baby as a way to describe the qualities of the drink, rather than the three awesome things about the creature itself. Although the commercial was memorable whether for being amusing or disturbing, it was not a sufficient way to advertise for Mountain Dew.

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