“Cheerrsss!,” the one word when you hear it, and you know some people are having a great time where every they are. Alcohol is a multibillion dollar company that wants to make as much profit from people as possible. They do some much to attract the peoples eye, from having bill boards, poster boards, events, and even their famous commercials. One big alcohol merchandising company is Corona Extra. Back in 1979 is when Corona was first to be sold in United States of America, where now in 2017 is one of the most distributed beers. One great way that Corona Extra has been able to take peoples attention away is from their very own television.  

Corona produces their very own commercial that takes millions of dollars to make, but in other hands it could make the billion of viewers watching, want a nice ice-cold Corona Extra, which in terms could lead the company to making more billions of dollars. One commercial that Corona made deals with an attractive man and woman on a plane, whom which the man is on a metaphoric beach with a Corona in his hand. Both the woman and the man are on a plane sitting next to each other with the walk way between them. the flight attendant walks up to the lady and asks what so would like to drink, the lady sees the man drinking a Corona Extra and is attached to the feeling that she wants the same comfort as the man. After she is given a Corona she looks towards the man and cheers off with him. When they both have now have a Corona they both are put on a metaphoric beach having a wonderful, stress free life, with not a single worry in the world.  

What Corona is trying to sell you is that you can also be like the man and woman on the beach, having a stress free life without any problems occurring while you are still up in the air on the plane. In peoples everyday lives they live in a stress state of mind, with problems always clouding their minds. People have to deal with work, school, family, pets, and every other thing that decides to make humans lives a little more complicated than it should be. When people see that Corona commercial, they see the man and woman enjoying themselves. Corona wants people who are watching to also enjoy themselves, and all of that can happen if you are drinking a Corona Extra. That all of your little complications will be relieved after you pop open a nice ice cold Corona Extra. That you too will be the man or woman on the beach, looking cool, looking refreshed, and in the perfect environment. It seems like the whole commercial is a perfect way to draw anyone’s attention. 

Is there anyway Corona could improve their famous beer drinking commercial, well of course they can. The amount of money that is used for these films is outstanding, so they could afford a little more money to improve. A common everyday quote, “If there’s room, theirs always time to improve.” One of my own opinions is that corona could have done better in the commercial is that they could have used some soft mellow music. Some music that would calm people down to and let them also feel the relaxation as the two people in the plane are. Who would not want to hear music that gives people the urge to relax and drink a nice ice-cold Corona Extra. Also, another thing they could change is that they could have shown a how the flight attendant knew what the woman passager wanted to drink already, because before she could finish her sentence she was pretty much already getting handed a nice ice cold Corona Extra. Like I said earlier, Corona is a Multibillion dollars company so they should be able to fix every small or big bug in their commercial. It kind of show some sloppiness in their work, but maybe that is their strategy.  

When people drink beer, they do so for occasion, like birthday parties, family get together, hanging out with the boys (or girls), and even when people just want to be at home and watch tv. 

All of these occasions are perfect time to pop open a cold one, and Corona tries to show that, maybe not in this commercial but from other ones and other way they display their beverage. When beer come to mind, people think “hey this is going to be a good time.” Most of the time it is unless someone get to intoxicated but they are probably trying to have a really good time. The way I see it, if there is only Coors light, and a Corona Extra in a ice chest, I am going to grab the ice cold Corona to satisfy my needs. Occasion are a big deal in all parts of the world, it is a time and a place where people come together to have a great time. With a little bit of beer, it could the time spent with other much better. Alcohol tends to loosen people up, so maybe someone who is shy would have that small boost of confidence to talk to a girl they been eyeing all night. 

In reality, beer is one of the most consumed beverages, and is also very much enjoyed. Corona has been around for a long time selling their delicious product to everyone, and at no time will they stop. They will still be one of the best tasting beers out there, and with their famous commercial, I think they will get more and more customers. If you can see someone else relaxing like the man and the woman I believe others would like the same for them. To be able to get away from where ever you are and to be at you own beach. 



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