“I Just Want To Die Today, I Don’t Wanna Be Alive,”(Logic).When things get too tough when the people you trust most are against them? Who do you call when you feel at your lowest? In Logic’s music video, “1-800-273-8255,” it helped many people in different ways. With suicide being the tenth leading cause of death in the United States(AFSP) as well as it is the 17th leading cause of death worldwide in 2015(WHO). It makes an issue of how can we stop the deaths of some many people in today’s world.


In Logic’s music video it starts with a teen running down the street, then it cuts or when the boy was little and it cuts to different screens of the boy growing up. When the cut screens hit the boy’s high school life you see where he hit a tough part of life. With high school being the time in your life where you try to find yourself it makes sense that it will be hard. As the video goes you see the boy in track and field and hanging out with his friends like any teenager. But then when the boy’s father finds one of his gay porn magazines that’s when the boy’s life seems to go downhill. Because he has an unaccepting father than when he goes to his “friend’s” house for dinner and to sleepover the other boy’s father catches them. After this happens his school life is destroyed with bullying and hazing. Then the fact that he hasn’t been home because of his father only his coach at school helps him out. But stillwhen all this is going on his still feels alone and he hits his breaking point. The point is broken when you feel that taking your life will make the hurt go away so, the boy grabs the gun that is in his house and attempts to take his life. But something hits him that it tells him not to do it and then he calls the suicide prevention hotline for help. Then, in the end, you see the boy’s wedding with the guy he was in high school and his family and especially his father is there to congratulate him. 

Logic is a rapper that debut on youtube first in six to seven years ago. Not many people knew of him he was like an underground rapper that you would only hear about after they made it big. Logic made in big in with his first mixtape in 2013. But what really made him different was that he spoke that truth about problems or feelings that are happening on a daily basis and that touch the hurts of many people that listen to his music. It is also why he made his 2017 album about all the problem that aren’t faced today and the message for equality in today’s world. Which is represented in his title song of his album, Everybody.

With the lyrics and the visual representation of the song hit some rhetorical appeals that draw the audience in. Pathos is a major role in this music videos since it hits home for parents that have gay children or children that were bullied in school. With a topic like suicide, it hit a lot of emotion with people that have thought about it, attempted it, and the families of those that went through with it. The logos in it is really small but with the suicide prevention hotline as the title and the small poster that are in the boy’s high school hall. The ethos isthe music videos storyline with the place where gays are not as accepted as they are now. Plus with the rise of suicide in the world, it hit home in a way to find help and that taking your own life is not the answer. The lyrics are a pathos appeal to people around the world that feel alone in their moment of weakness. The music video inspires hope to those who are lost and remembrance to the ones we have already lost. The suicide prevention hotline hit a spike in calls since the VMA’s performance of the song and the release of the song’s music video. the release of the music video on August 17th of this year, people have watched it and the VMA’s performance to reach the views of over 90 million people in the world. Spread the message was what the song was about for the future of everyone in the world. The music spoke out to me as a person that has lost people to suicide and that are friends with people that have attempted since not many people think it not a problem anymore since mainstream media don’t hit on it anymore. The song spoke volumes to me as a music major that tries to avoid radio popular songs because of their most about sex, girls, drugs, and money. It has a message that is spoken to any everyday audience that is willing to listen to it since it’s only their favorite radio station in the car.

In conclusion, the music video spoke volumes to the new age people and the oldies that don’t think the world should be changed to accept everyone as they are. But it also speaks of the people that think that suicide is their only option. The option to live is always better because what could be bothering you today someday will not be a problem. I remember this music video this song because it was something that some rapper in hip-hop or in popular music doesn’t do anymore. They stop telling a story that they have been through or a story that they see before to maybe help people in their time of need. Music and music video are of self-expression but what today’s music is telling me is that money and a guy or girl is what I need to express myself to everyone else. I like to thank Logic for this music video because I know that it was expressive and it touched many people going through a tough time right now or maybe it will help them later on in life. A message that needs to be heard is a message that is well received by the world.