Have you ever seen a commercial so touching you almost or did cry? Well this Amazon Prime ad is rally tugging at the heart strings with this one. As a couple sit in their living room with their infant daughter, they are greeted by their family pet, a Golden Retriever. As soon as the dog goes to try and greet his child, the baby starts to cry. Confused the dog walks away. While the dog sits in the hall watching his humans comfort their daughter with a stuffed lion.  The dog watches sadly as the father notices him watching them play from a far and gets an idea. He pulls out his phone and scrolls to his Amazon Prime app and makes a purchase. He then looks at his dog and nods with reassurance. The next day the item arrives and the dog walks out with a lion’s mane around his neck. He’s going to try again. He walks up to the baby as she’s playing, to greet her again. The dog stands there hoping this will work, as he desperately wants her approval. Finally the baby reaches out her hand to touch the family pet. They are now one big happy family.


In this commercial for Amazon Prime, the creators are definitely targeting people with the “feels”.  They use pathos by showing the sadness of the dog and how the father feels bad for his companion. For example as the dog walks up to the baby hoping to be loved by the new member of the family, he’s put at a complete stop. The baby seems to be unsure and scared of the dog. There’s a lot of emotion coming from this scene. The baby and the dog are both confused and introduced to someone new.  The creators also use ethos by convincing the audience on how sad the dog feels. By watching this commercial you definitely feel bad for the dog and you hope that everything works out for him and his new pal. They also show the use of logos by showing that there was a problem and Amazon Prime is just a tap away on a Smartphone. Amazon Prime is there to assist customers in a flash. The father in this commercial was able to fix the problem they were having right away. This is persuading customers that whatever they need to order in urgency and will get it within the next day to a couple days after order. They’re showing that it’s that easy and convenient to order online with Amazon Prime. 


The audience they are directing this commercial too are the people that are sensitive and that have the understanding of family and the value that pets bring to the home and the family. Amazon wants to show that their company believes in this aspect of family. They want to be able to help people by delivering online orders fast. This commercial has “11,375 nation airings since it’s been aired and concluding with the recent airing date of 10/3/2017” (iSpot.tv).  It also leaves a “97% positive” (iSpot.tv) sentiment with the people that have viewed this commercial.

            According to the Fresno Bee news article some people believe that this commercial used just enough pathos and some believe it used too much emotion. In this article the Frenso Bee shares a couple tweets from people sharing on what they thought about the commercial. For example, @joshwahowl tweeted “Revoke my man card or w/e u gotta do- the @amazon commercial with the golden retriever and lion mask gets to me every time.” This shows that this commercial actually left an impression on a lot of people. An impression that leaves people a little teary eyed but also leaves a positive imprint. Another example that shows maybe this ad could’ve used too much emotion. And if some people are faced with too much emotion they tend to get weird, like in this tweet posted by Nick Carboni. @NickCarboniWCNC states, ” I can’t take it anymore. I hate the amazon commercial with the kid and the dog and the stuffed lion. I’m sorry. I’m a terrible person” (The Fresno Bee).

The purpose of this commercial obviously is to touch people in a sensitive way. And this commercial does just that. The creators at Amazon want you to believe in the idea that they can possibly help solve your problems by making things like this easy and accessible for you to use. The marketing strategy they used in this commercial is really good. They got the attention of people around the world with just one thirty-second video. It seems Amazon wanted you to feel it even more with the song playing in the background. The song “You and Me” by Arille Paul, helped the creators add the extra affect of emotion to this commercial. The lyrics are what make you understand the commercial even better. The lyrics are, “I wish I could ask, how was your day. We may be different, but also the same. At times it feels lonely, just to be me. A friend would be lovely, don’t you agree. Close we could be, smiling and free closer to me, just you and me” (Metro Lyrics).

            This ad has definitely left an impact on a lot of people around the world. Amazon wants their customers to know that they believe in family. And they want to help you when you’re in a bind and you can just order something online quick and efficiently. Even though this commercial aired a year ago people are still talking about it and know that, that is a commercial for Amazon Prime. The creators gave great examples of ethos,pathos and logos. You are able to distinguish all of these elements in this ad. Analyzing this commercial ahs shown that all commercials, ads and texts have an even deeper meaning than what a lot of people interpret as their own meaning. 













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