As the young Charlotte McKinney is making her way through a fresh vegetable market she is passing by tents of fruit wearing booty shorts and a bikini top showing all the good god gave her, her titees are out, showing her flat stomach, and her booty is hanging out, while walking by fresh fruit all you can see is her naked body covered by two tomatoes pretending to be her ass, as she keeps walking it changes to two melons now pretending to be her boobs, in this two sexual scenes there is a man who is grabbing the fruit very sensual pretending that the fruit is part of her actual body turning on all man who are watching this. This advertisement is targeting man specifically ages eighteen to thirty-five. This commercial is advertising a burger with no antibiotics, no added hormones, and no steroids by Hardee’s, is there really a need to show a fresh burger with sexual scenes.? Well many believe this is what sells and this is the best way to attract clients all this happens by using, ethos showing a sexy body, pathos by having sexual scenes, and logos by knowing their audience.

Hardee’s created a thirty-three minute commercial to sell a burger, yet the burger only had a fourteen minute appearance. This is because most of the commercial was to show the twenty-four years old sexy supermodel and actres in order to convey the product. What they wanted to do was to show McKinney’s hot body and pretty face in order for man to go buy at Hardee’s. Apparently they are convinced that this is the only way to fully get a man’s attention they know that When man watch this commercial they think that if they go and purchase the hamburger they are going to find someone like McKinney in the restaurant and that’s exactly why they are using someone pretty because that’s how they attract man, or at least after watching this ad for thirty-three minutes they would crave a hamburger from Hardee’s, what kind of man wouldn’t like to look at a girl as hot as McKinney. This young women is the way they convince the audience to eat at this place. When she shows her sexy body it’s impossible for any man to not look. She is almost naked pretending guys are touching her body. Also the “sensuality of a women always attracts a man.”

Most of men like blonde, white, and sexy woman mostly because that’s what this kind of commercials have taught them to believe “ it is irresistible to ignore a sexy women” they also know how and who to choose to do this kind of commercials and advertisement “they believe in putting hot models in their commercials, because ugly ones don’t sell burgers,” says CEO in a 2011 press release. Of course this commercials are created by man and man know what they like so how can it not be efficient he also claims that “they target hungry guys, and they get young kids that want to be young hungry guys, because that’s what the young ones look for they want to see more of a woman as he also states “I like our ads. I like beautiful women eating burgers in bikinis. I think it’s very American.” By saying this out in the air he was convinced that he knows what guys want to see in his ads. Not only this but also Hardee’s was well aware of who they were targeting their products.
Hardee’s knew since the beginning who their audience would be. Men ages eighteen to thirty-five therefore, the logical thing to do was to hire a supermodel to attract them. Most of the time man are the ones who run the family, so they get to choose what’s for lunch, or maybe they are single so after watching this ad they won’t want to cook just go get the “delicious” hamburger, also the majority of this people already have a car so they can easily go to hardee’s. It is difficult to avoid this kind of ads so we watch them either because they are funny, weird, or different they take the time to closely analyze their commercial and make sure it will get the attention of people and their audience they make sure they are targeting their hamburger efficiently.

Sexism does sells showing a scantily clad woman increases money and that’s what every business wants. The commercial is full of ethos, pathos, and logos in order to completely convince their audience they know how to use them efficiently to make people go and buy their product. Using this sexy supermodels for a burger is what get the attention of the “man” running the family. Most of this sexist commercials are used in food because that where man likes more. We are all well aware that this is a marketing ploy for business to get more attention of clients, but know you know how they do it.

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