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Burke’s “Unending Conversation” Metaphor

Kenneth Burke writes:

Imagine that you enter a parlor. You come late. When you arrive, others have long preceded you, and they are engaged in a heated discussion, a discussion too heated for them to pause and tell you exactly what it is about. In fact, the discussion had already begun long before any of them got there, so that no one present is qualified to retrace for you all the steps that had gone before. You listen for a while, until you decide that you have caught the tenor of the argument; then you put in your oar. Someone answers; you answer him; another comes to your defense; another aligns himself against you, to either the embarrassment or gratification of your opponent, depending upon the quality of your ally’s assistance. However, the discussion is interminable. The hour grows late, you must depart. And you do depart, with the discussion still vigorously in progress.

How does the parlor metaphor apply to critical thinking and this class?


If you miss class, what can you do to find out what you missed? 

Ignorance vs. Ignorant – What is the difference between the two?
Critical Thinking is about YOU, not others. 
Critical thinking is the art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it.


So far we have talked about:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Ignorance
  • Integrity

We are going to add Bias to that list. 

What is Bias?

Obstacles to Critical Thinking?


Use the Chaffey Library Academic Databases to find reliable, credible, authoritative, peer reviewed, scholarly sources.


Evidence, Experimentation, examples, authoratative testimony, and statistics.

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