Is China shifting socialism into better or worse system of government?

What I know

China is a communist socialist government run by the Chinese Communist party leading with an authoritarian capitalist system. By holding to their national mindset and Chinese tradition they can mold all aspect of government to suit their needs and ensure a more prosperous nation as a result. Though China has had a history of hardship they are using it to fuel their future in becoming a power player in today’s modern societies. The poverty rate has drastically shifted into more positive light and has created a strong middle class for the first time in China. Although citizens only get paid once a month and a lot of their finance is taken to help with social systems the people understand the benefits that are provided in exchange. People are given aid to help with housing within their place of employment and healthcare can be accessed as right not a privilege. The socialism that China is trying to promote is only possible because the people are able to focus on the good it provides even though it is controlled by an all-encompassing communist government.  When people see results from their government and the promises made are put in place the people can have faith in their government, and that’s how I few socialism, its people having faith in their government to be able to make promises they have the power to keep because they don’t have to worry about conflicting powers within the government blocking the advancement of government to better the nation and its people. Socialism makes life and government simple by solving life’s major obstacles and aiding in helping people overcome these hardships and not kick them when they are in need of help. Socialism is support in all the right places of society to ensure a better life for its citizens. The give and take of socialism is a balance of trust and power that if done right can benefit all who are involved.

What I want to know

Is all this true? Are these social problems being solved like the government says it is, since these political policies have a bad rap in suppressing people’s rights. Will the individual voice of the people be drowned out by negative connotations associated with the lack of freedoms or oppressions within society? Can the government become just as selfish and corruptive as Western societies, and in comparison is Western society just as controlling as a socialist government? How different are the daily lives of citizens in comparison to western society? Does socialism need to have an authoritarian in power to function successfully or can a democracy find a way to function within socialism. Is China even a fair comparison to American since the age of these societies are nowhere near close in comparison. America is very young in its functioning governments while China has gone through dynasties, revolutions and regimes. While America are still children fighting among themselves. Wanting to learn more about China and how it functions as a nation since it will be my home for the next 2 years.


Research Process

Having access to the resources Chaffey provides to its students I consider myself to be able to go to a college like Chaffey. I started just by looking for basic information on Socialism within China and how it has made changes to its modern society. Diving into sources I wanted to find related resources to socialism as a current topic. So I didn’t look for anything older than the past 10 years and it was excited to find articles that had been written within the past week pertaining to China’s socialism growth and development. I wanted to get a more visual understanding as well so I watched some videos on YouTube covering China’s Communist Party of China to help me understand the world that has developed within China and how it all got started. understanding the resources I’m using and making sure they are related to what I’m searching for within the paper. i try not find to large of resources because I do not have time to read a whole book, so I like to find articles  and journals  that i can either finish reading or read majority of what is being covered in the subject. 

What I learned Socialism gets its bad rap from Communism, its more controlling cousin and why people are hesitant to accept a concept like socialism. The trade-off for working towards a better nation is you lose the voice of the individual and the nation can become a conformist population where cultural aspect can start to suffer. Its finding this balance that will decide if China is able to continue to move forward with their Socialism without imposing too much control and regulations on its people. The lack criticism that the people can express against its nation has its positives and negatives. Even here in America people are criticized for speaking negatively about our nation only lawful punishment is not imposed upon the speaker. China combats this problem by giving punishment for speaking against the government and policies. They take it that next step further to insure the nation is not threatened by its own people. This I can see is how trust can be more widely accepted, people shouldn’t bad talk their nations that’s how negatively is spread and China sees the solution as giving restrictions on spreading this negativity.

Diving into this subject of China shows that Socialism might not be perfect but no government is perfect, but one that is making strides to become a better nation is at least heading in the right direction. You will not be able to make every one within a country happy but you can provide comfort and basic living and economic sterility and maybe that is what should be seen as important to a nation not the complete happiness of the individual but learning to take care of one another and accept the government that sees the nation as a whole and not just one person at a time. Culture and society can still grow and become great while suppressing the negatively that can be generated within any society socialism just does not condone such behavior and that is a viewpoint I can agree that negativity does not more forward to positivism. 

China today is a heavy mixture Capitalism and communism  within its society and policy. A continuous economic transition is happening in this vast nation and perseveres through with limited acceptance of freedoms from the government. Citizens are able to gain a new perspective on life by accepting parts of surrounding cultures, but still holding to the importance of their own culture and way of life above all.  They strive towards a goal as a whole country and this is how China plans to win the global race and they plan to do it under a socialist Chinese policy proving the world wrong in how a people can strive with confined freedoms. 

Annotated Bibliography

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The importance of labor within a society labor keeps a nation afloat and groups people together in categories making sure that labor is seen and the individual can get lost in a socialist environment. The people must work for the country in order for the country to work for the people.

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  Xi Jinping understands the nation he is trying to guide and control. Though he now molding a more authoritarian leader it can cause for concerns but there is an understanding of China that Jinping sees that others haven’t, China is large and needs guidance if it as a whole is going to be united and that is what will make china strong. I also agree that this aspect of a modern nation should be most apparent, a unified nation is the best source of positive prospects for a nation as a whole. The problem with having only one person in power is that representation of the people might be lost to the benefiting the whole of a nation. but maybe nations should become left selfish in their development and stop people from controlling business and market aspect of the nation so that all can be equal in opportunity.

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China is not trying to become a western society it is trying to meld the combination of western and eastern traditions. China wants to show the world how great it can and will be as it strides towards a prosperous future with its communist covered in socialist policies. They know they are not perfect, yet, but that is the goal. A should have a common goal and trust within its culture and society because that is where the changes happen and show the results of making changes. Though not all aspects can be positive they recognize that there are solutions to the negative parts of socialism.

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This resource gives an idea of how China has created and sustained a middle class for the first time in its long history. China used to be stricken with poverty and low income citizens. The way that china is able to implement other political aspects and make them work to the benefit of the people and not just the select few which is how I sometimes see capitalism as an unfair system. China is able to set goals for itself and also have the power to achieve those goals.