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In today’s culture, there are many causes for someone wanting to commit suicide. Causes such as anxiety, depression, or the will to not even try anymore. Depression can lead to many things if it is untreated. Many people find it difficult to notice if someone is suffering from depression. But, people who are feeling depressed don’t need to go through drastic measures and put their own life at stake. There are plenty of people that can help in this world that can get the person out of that depression specific mental state. An artist named Logic (Sir Robert Bryson Hall ll) came up with an emotional song called “1-800-273-8255” that appeals to pathos to inform the audience that suicide isn’t the only option for people when they are in a depressed state; and he does so by showing snapshots of a person’s life throughout the video.

A factor that leads to suicide is anxiety. In other words, having to worry about a certain thing can make a person feel scared.A huge scene in Logic’s video a boy who we find out is gay after having his dad finding magazine with a male supermodel on the cover. The boy’s face was in shock and it looked like the dad and boy had an argument and the boy decided to run away. He met up with his friend at school and they talked and it seemed like he told his friend his dad found out about them being together. So the boy who ran away came over to the friends house and had dinner with his family. Later on in the scene it shows the two boys half naked sleeping in the same bed together. The dad walks in on the boys and the look on the boy’s faces were in shock and the boy peacefully left. But as the boy was leaving he drops a part of his clothes and the dad helps him pick it up. This scene provides what the feelings were throughout the whole thing. The feeling of having to hide that the two boys were gay and the having the father find out unexpectedly is frightening. This is more like an anxiety type of feeling. The boys must feel overwhelmed that the father had to find out in that kind of matter. Anxiety is another key factor for a human being to drive themselves to suicide. According to an article titled “Most Americans Don’t Know The True Danger Of Anxiety” it says , “There’s a significant body of research that demonstrates that individuals suffering from anxiety disorders and depression face an increased risk for suicidal thoughts and attempts.” This studies shows how anxiety can lead to suicidal thoughts and other bad things that a human being can go through. The scene portrays and shows how scared the boys were and leaves a question on what the boy who ran away will do next after getting kicked out. The perspective view and the emotion the audience are feeling would be kind of a scared or worried emotion mostly because having someone find a secret would be one of the scariest feelings in the world.

Not only does anxiety cause a person to commit suicide but also another factor that contributes to thoughts of suicide is bullying. Bullying can cause a person to be in a state where they feel helpless or where a person can’t fight anymore. Kids who are bullied suffer from changes in sleep and eating patterns, loss of interest in daily activities and can also affect the person’s education. Bullying in general is a bad thing to do to another individual because it can cause harm to the person and the person could think of hurting themselves. In Logic’s video it shows a scene where the boy was in the locker room with other people and when the boy open’s up his locker he finds a dildo stuck onto his locker door. As a result, the boy slammed his locker in frustration. The dildo he found on his locker is an act of bullying because the people who attached the dildo found out he was gay and decided to tease him about it. Not only was that mean and hurtful, but now the boy knows that his secret is out and people know. Having a secret out and having people take advantage of it by teasing and making fun of a person is very stressful and very overwhelming. The boy’s emotions must’ve been overwhelming and sad due to the fact that no-one is helping him through his rough time instead of comforting him and trying to make him feel better. 

Other factors that are the cause of human beings to commit suicide is being alone. Being alone can also be depressing because that lonely feeling of having no-one by your side or not having a person to talk to when you feel down. In other words, not having a shoulder to cry on when a person is in a depressed state. According to an article ” Loneliness”, the info shows , “Loneliness is a feeling of being cut off, disconnected, and/or alienated from other people, so that it feels difficult or even impossible to have any form of meaningful human contact. Lonely people often feel empty or hollow inside.” In the video we see that the boy is with his sports team and they were huddling and the boy doesn’t even bother to look at them. It shows how he would stretch alone and do everything alone; pretty much in his own world.The look on the boy’s face  throughout the whole scene shows how he didn’t even want to be there mostly because he knows that his secret is out. Later on it shows that the boy seems to sleep in a school closet. Makes the audience in a sad mood because of the fact that he has to sleep at school instead of his own house. The things that were most informing to me were the chorus. In Logic’s Music video he quotes, “I don’t wanna be alive,I don’t wanna be alive,I just wanna die today,I just wanna die.” The title of the music video is titled “1-800-273-8255” which is also a hotline for people who are thinking about suicide and want to end their life.The repetition of saying “ I don’t wanna” multiple times is more of a plea or simply a call for help.The chorus is from a perspective of someone who is calling the hotline in need for guidance. After Logic’s verse it goes to the second chorus which then portrays the perspective of the operator talking to a person who called the hotline. The lyrics really show what is actually going on throughout the whole process of calling the hotline. I feel like this is a big part in the video mostly because it gives the audience good look and understanding of what goes throughout a phone call the hotline.In the video it shows the boy grabbing a gun from a box and pointing the gun at the mirror and to his head. It makes us scared because we don’ know what he is going to do next. But, in the end he doesn’t pull the trigger but later on he pulls out a piece of paper and his phone and starts dialing in the number to call it. Turns out he calls the hotline in need for some help.

Some people think that this music video is offensive or graphic because of having a person who is gay act as if that’s what every gay person goes through; and it can be graphic because of the gun scene how it can scare some viewers. But, I don’t think it was offensive or depressing.Logic’s objective wasn’t to offend people or to scare viewers, but it was to show people a message and awareness of suicide not being the only option. Not many people want to stand up and speak about this problem that has been haunting us for many years now. But, Logic decided it was time to take a stand and use his music talent to help spread this message. In an article about logic’s message it says,”For many listeners, this song came off as “depressing” and made them want to turn it off because it would bring them down, but for thousands of people around the nation, this song touched them because that is exactly how they feel.” This shows how logic’s music video got too so many viewers by his lyrics and the feelings that were expressed throughout the video. Not only did logic inform many people about the suicide problem that is happening, but he has also touched people with his music and possibly saved some lives.

Logics message appeals to many viewers who aren’t informed on the fact that there are many people in the US that are committing suicide. The overall suicide rate in the US is 13.36 percent  of 100,00 individuals commit suicide. That is crucial amount of men and women that has lost their lives. Many suicide attempts, however, go unreported or untreated. Tests suggests that at least one million people in the U.S. each year engage in intentionally inflicted self-harm. Not only is there a huge amount of individuals killing themselves, but people also try to hurt themselves to ease the pain. Some ease the pain by cutting themselves, paint or draw, or some run away from home if most of the depression comes from there.Things like being scared about what people think, suffering from being alone, and also bullying. Logic thought it was enough and wanted to make a stand to help people who feel like they are alone in this world. His music and his lyrics touched the audience in a way where it can help save lives.

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