Fitness and being healthy is an on-going trend this year. More and more people are going to the gym each and every day, food is being produced now without the added preservatives and with pure, and natural products. It’s all around us, a growing population of people that are looking for a way to live longer and healthier lives. Obtaining this information, Nike created a device that calculates how many steps are being walked and ran, as well as how many miles are being traveled for people to start to pay attention how much calories they need to burn with the length of travel they make every day. Nike decided to give a Youtube star money to produce a commercial about what it means to make it count, so he took that money and traveled around the world, experiencing new cultures, new lands and making an experience that would last him a lifetime. He did all of this while running in each of every one his shots, in each country, transitioning from one to another, grabbing life by the balls and making every moment count.

To closer analyze what Nike is trying to tell people, we take a closer look into the commercial produced. They chose Casey Neistat because of his popularity on the social media platform, Youtube. Ethos plays a big part in that decision by bringing in an icon that a large community base watches daily through vlogs and videos. Not only was he chosen because of his popularity, but for what he does every day, and that is his passion for running. Casey is a person that lives a hectic and spontaneous life, waking up early to both film and edit his daily life through vlogs while running his company partnership with CNN. Through all of the madness, Casey still finds time to set aside to run, keeping his exercise in check.  “Weight loss was commonly associated with running and was greater in those persons who were overweight when they began running”(Thrash). This quote explains the associated benefits that a person is able to receive if they incorporate running into their lives. Running provides an aspect of health to an individual’s life, burning calories and pushing the human body to work muscles and support blood flow throughout. Not only does it burn the calories for an individual, but it creates a pathway for success in health. “Thirty minutes of running in the morning during weekdays for 3 consecutive weeks impacted positively on sleep and psychological functioning in healthy adolescents compared with control subjects”(Koplan). Not only does running result in greater physical health, but also improves psychological health. By psychological health, people free the stress built up in their mind while focusing on what is being done at the moment and that focus is running. It brings the individual home with worn out muscles making one eat and drink water which gives one the satisfactory feel of accomplishment of a tough and enduring goal. Running increases sleep in an individual as well as the daily mood and productivity. Promoting running was a very logical way to approach this, appealing to a large audience that incorporates that in their daily lives and it is also assisting many people because of all of its benefits, but there are other aspects to this video by Casey Neistat.

Pathos, the emotional aspect of it, is also incorporated into the video. They promote this by the quotes that pop in every few seconds throughout the ad. They are famously known quotes said by famous and well-known characters, both living and deceased. These quotes are filled with motivation and way of viewing life differently. They give the aspect of being wise and show what is depicted as the ways these famous and inspiring people live their lives. “In Studies 1a and 1b, a trait measure of inspiration was developed and was found to have strong psychometric properties”(Kalak). This quote explains how two subjects of inspiration greatly affect one’s way of life just through words and visionary pictures. Both these traits deal a big part in the success and happiness one can produce. Nike is a huge supporter of both of those traits; they like to see their athletes not only motivated but happy and successful in the sport the participate in. With inspiration, they can relate to others because everyone is chasing that bliss of having stress free lives of happiness and success and when their audience views this ad, they feel that impact this video has, and they relay it back in in their daily lives.

Nike made this product because of their involvement in the world of athletics; to build and bring in people who are already are or will be striving for a healthier life. Nike made this product for people who want to have an easily accessible view and tracking of their current and future goals. In the video, Casey is shown easily putting on this Nike band with one click of the ends and he is shown beginning his long journey across the world. He keeps looking down at his wrist as to see how much he has ran to calculate his rate of travel. This action that keeps showing how easy it is to know how hard one is working. Nike wants to do this for their audience because they know how hard it is for people to stay active, especially when just starting up. They are trying to make it easier for their consumers so that they can spread that way of healthy and active life, bringing in more potential customers for their brand. Aside from the part that they want to sell their product, Nike also wants to inspire incoming and future athletes, because without athletes, they have no one to sponsor their brand. Just as Casey Neistat is a professional athlete in the field of running, they are trying to appeal to every athlete no matter the choice of sport. Not only are they trying to appeal to athletes though, they are appealing to a large population of the world who see travel as a capturable luxury that one day is wished to be met and this is mainly the support for Logos, the appeal to reason and evidence. “These construals can influence, and in many cases determine, the very nature of individual experience, including cognition, emotion, and motivation”(Hazel).

A big part of the video that really stood out was the end. Casey comes back to where it all started, which was his home. He opens the door and enters his house as if to give off a feeling of ease and relief. It shows how the Nike band can take you through everything, travel and hard work, to coming back home to rest for the next day. In all, this ad did its duty and multiplied it by a hundred with all of its branches of inspiration, motivation, drive and consistency, all revolved around the simplicity of the Nike band; meaning that Casey Neistat approached and finished this commercial for Nike the best way it possibly could’ve been done. That is what making it count is all about. Doing what you want in life to fulfill dreams and make memories, being well and healthy and alive to live in this world long enough to truly enjoy what is here in this very world. Standing up and telling yourself that today is another day, and making it count is what living is about.  

In conclusion, the advertisement did its job by selling the product while motivating, inspiring and encouraging others to join the healthy club and to join the other club, that is, the Nike club to be at one’s very best. The strong wording, with quotes and the strong visuals, with all the cultures and countries that were shown, all represented one thing, and that was to make it count. The success one receives when having the accessories that make it much easier is what is being said but not focused on. Without focusing on all of the functions and cool programs the are included in the Nike band, but to key in on what appeals to the audience which is their favorite Youtube star and all the exciting things he could do while giving a message of motivation. We have to remember, fitness and being healthy is a trend that has been on-going for quite some time. Fitness enthusiast and healthy seekers looking for options to live a cleaner life are growing by the days, noticing that a lot of the foods that we are eating such as the fast foods are slowing us down. It is hard for one to get out of the funk of a bad diet and some need that extra push to help them start on a journey of a healthy lifestyle, and with the motivational quotes, happiness in running and travel, there is still one thing need to make it count, and that is the Nike band.


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Researched that was being done explained the benefits that an individual received after constantly running and staying in shape. The individuals emotions would be of happiness and they would encounter many stress-free days. It ultimately changed the lifestyle of the individual and for a lot of the runners, they noticed that their lives were steered in the path of success.


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Runners that kept running in their cycle of things to daily noticed that their sleeping behaviors changed drastically. Their bodies needed the rest allowing the individual to sleep either right after the run or later when needed. Kids were targeted greatly because having an active lifestyle while young is truly important to provide growth and strength in later years. It was shown the kids who ran and played outside for a term of one hour noticed that the kid came back in a joyful mood as well as easily allowed them to sleep preparing them for the incoming days.


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While providing an inside of the risk of running, with torn muscles and worn-out joints, the main points revolved around the benefits one can receive while running. Lowering blood pressure and circulating it smoothly throughout the entire body was one of the benefits. It gave the benefits of having a clear mindset and creating healthy habits regarding food.

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This citation explains the weight-loss that was shown in people who just started to run which was greater for those who have been doing it for a while. The calories burned while running changed the comfortability of an individual of higher weight and really took them to a limit of rapid weight-loss which encouraged over-weight people because of the quick results that they would both see and feel.