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“Spare parts for humans are not as original as those for cars. Don’t Drink and Drive.”
The concept for this campaign is to get the public to understand that drunk driving can result in permanent damages to victims and oneself. Bonnie Steinbock who is a philosopher and publisher for public affairs states, “ Drunk driving takes a toll on human suffering lost property, lives, and approximately half of all highway deaths killing about 25,000 people every year by drunk drivers and injuring more.” This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Victims are most likely to be the ones that are damaged, which happens in most cases. This ad that BMW comes up with is to attract the consumer through the use of pathos to get the consumer interested to what has to be said. This ad does a great job in grabbing the consumers attention through the use of color scheme, tone, mood, the use of pathos, word choice, life term effects on victims and their families.

The goal that this ad is trying to get across is through the use of a color scheme. The use of a white, gray look to this creates an in depth meaning of tragedies that have happened in the past. It creates a more serious look to cause a positive reaction to society. It also plays a big role by coincidently using the same colors of their logo. This not only tries to prevent drunk driving and creates a picture of what can happened but also to promotes their luxurious cars. By showing that they are the most unique and trusted cars because they are knowledgeable and know how serious drunk driving is. This appeals to the consumers eye to see the similarity to preventing car accidents but also for the safety of others.
The tone set is a bit serious especially with the use of pathos. The fact that the picture is photographed from the knees down. This is to increase a positive effect on people to promote safety hazardous and for people to become more aware that these serious issues take place at anytime. Also with the use of pathos, they create sympathy for the fact that the human leg can’t compare to the prosthetic. With BMW being a pricy car and launching this ad helps the consumer understand and make the right choice to choosing their car instead of the competitions.
The word choice is very specific and a little intimidating. The way they use their words and how well they place them. Comparing a prosthetic to a car part and its originality. Meaning that human parts aren’t original and can replaced like a car. More so, valuing human life. Prosthetics are very pricy. This effective the victims severely, not only do they have to face that their lives may have been destroyed but also the fact that they have to pay for all these treatments brings a bigger burden to them. Not only do they suffer but their families as well watching the one they love is hurting. Prosthetics cost anywhere from $5,000-$50,000 dollars, with the most expensive being able to with stand 3-5 years meaning that they need to be replaced over the course of a lifetime. Think about it, they a lot of money that has to be spent, not only that but they also have to undergo so many surgeries. For example, Jacqui Surburido’s story. Many victims lose body parts, some even die and then theirs those like Jacqui that are lucky enough to live but unlucky to see how bad their lives are permanently destroyed while the person that caused the deaths of two of her sober friends to die instantly in the accident and her with unrepairable damages, coming out the burning car barley alive with 60% of her body being badly burned (3rd degree burns). The person who caused all this only is serving a two 7 year term sentences meaning he is only serving 14 years in jail while she serves a life time of surgeries. Here’s a short clip of what is now left of Jacqui.
Many stories like Jacqui who are left with life term effects are all due to drunk drivers.
This BMW ad really did a great job in capturing the image of the consequences that can bring to oneself due to the fact that people still manage to drink and drive and with this ad, is shown to produce a positive effect and promote safety driving not only to the consumers of BMW cars but for other drivers as well. With the use of color scheme, tone, mood, word choice and introducing us to the life term effects it can bring to people, the ad definitely hit their goal.

Annotated Bibliography
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This article is talking about drunk driving and how the drunk drivers should be commited. I am considering to use this as a source to create credibility that drinking and driving has very severe consequences, not only to the driver but also to the victim and their families. Also, that drunk drivers should be tried as manslaughter or labeled as murders because they knew what they were doing and still made the choice to drink and drive where in many cases it can be prevented. It really ties into my ad because it shows the damages that are caused upon the victim. 


Candy Lightner. “Mothers against Drunk Driving.” Public Health Reports (1974-), vol. 102, no. 6, 1987, pp. 666–666. JSTOR, JSTOR,

Candy Lightner is credible to my rhetorical analysis because she has a couple reports done on the effects of the mothers of victims that were killed by a drunk driver. This will tie in perfectly to my analysis towards my ad because of the prosthetic leg that is shown. The story she shares in her article are about her children one that got killed by a drunk driver and the other that got ran over. How not only impacts them physically but also financially. How people should have comprehensive insurance because the after damages are just as bad. She states that ” Prevention is attention to the total needs of those who suffer.” 

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I will use this source as backup the injustice that the drunk drivers receive after sentencing an innocent person. To show that people are still really unconscious of what they may have caused upon their victim. Mothers against drunk driving is a credible source because these are stories about victims mothers that talk about their children who have been effected by these accidents.