Rhetorical Analysis
You are sitting down in your living room you are watching your favorite TV show and then like always it is commercial time. A boring car commercial comes on then an ad for something you don’t need then, after those there is a slight pause then you slowly start to hear slow sad piano music. You try to reach for the remote control but all of a sudden you can’t find it. The volume is pretty high up and you have no other choice but to sit there through the whole commercial and you are stuck there watching it. You can’t look away because then you feel bad about not actually caring about the depressing SPCA animal commercial. The real reason why you don’t want to watch the commercial is because they play slow sad music and they show images if these poor mal nourished animals that are in very bad shape.
Commercial tend to use ethos, logos, and pathos so they can appeal to their audience. When it comes to the animal commercial they usually tend to have celebrities with the animals because they hopefully you really like the celebrity therefore you will stay for the whole commercial and actually watch it and then when it finally over you will donate. In this commercial they use all three ethos logos and pathos and they use them very well, but overall you feel pathos the most because they try to get in your feelings. For examples they start off with an image of a neglected dog or cat animal. Then the music starts to get a little louder but it makes this more depressing and then they go on and show a fact or statistic of how somewhere around the world there is some kind of animal getting abused.
After a while of them showing you abused sad little animals they show whichever celebrity petting and talking about how they need your help with a small donation to help these poor little animals. At the very end they usually show a dog that is better and healthy to show emotion to the audience so that way they can causes saddens and when they do that you feel this guilt of you being perfectly fine and out there’s these animals that need your help. So after they get you all in your feelings you feel obligated to either go get some kind of pet and adopt or you feel the need to call the number you see at the bottom of your screen so you can give them your money.
Commercials always have some type of theme going on they are typically either logos or ethos and sometimes pathos. Most of these commercials try to get in your head with either statistics so you know that the person or company who is talking sounds credible. When commercials use ethos and pathos they use emotion and in order to create that feeling they will play slow sad music in back ground and then they will show images and videos of something sad so you can’t look away but you still watch it no matter what.
Usually commercials that ask for donations play constantly they play throughout the whole day it doesn’t matter what time of day it is. They play them on every channel and they are meant for everyone. Their audience isn’t very reserved they want people to see their sad commercials so they will play them often.
The animal commercial is to inform you that there are animals out there that need your help because they are getting abused and neglected so they tell you to either donate, foster, or adopt. Usually its one giant company like the ASPCA then it breaks up into more local organizations. Usually at the bottom of the screen there is a telephone number that you can call to make monthly donations or they have a website where you can go and get more information on fostering a pet or adopting. They inform you of all the way you can help so hopefully people actually do it. If you go on their website they give you all the benefits of adopting and fostering they tell you how you are saving one animal who need to ne loved and they tell you how its going to be you life companion.
Overall the SPCA commercials that I’ve seen that get played on either the television or on online ads are usually really sad and dark and depressing. Till last year when I came across ASPCA 150 days of rescue commercial. When I saw this commercial at first I was sure if it was going to another sad one but actually it’s kind of funny. It has celebrities like George Lopez, Kesha, Julie Bowen, and Orange is the New Black star Adrienne C. Moore along with others. Its starts off with a kind of ugly but cute little dog and it has a voice over and it says a little human joke. The whole commercial is like animal voice overs and after the animal says the joke they show what celebrity said it. A commercial like this is still very informing and amusing and it is still getting the main points across without being depressing or sad in any way. This is a commercial that I wouldn’t mind watching it when it came on at random times. I actually think that is a better way of saying that the animals need help and how we can help them. The commercial doesn’t have sad music going on in the background, and it does not show graphic images of sad dogs and cats or any other animals. The commercial business should really take into consideration that there are other ways they can express and inform people of matters like animal abuse in other ways. Just because it’s a sad topic doesn’t mean they should make a sad video about it. This newer commercial about 150 days of rescue is actually kind of pleasing to watch it has some jokes which is amusing to the older audience and it shows healthy animals. BY showing a commercial that is more appealing it helps people want to be more involved in some kind of way. This commercial still telling you to go out and adopt but it doesn’t make you cry while you are watching it. So overall they should stop making sad commercials and reevaluate on how they want their audience to feel when they see a commercial about adopting and helping the animals because nobody really goes around talking about how they saw the sad ASPCA commercial, but if they made more funny commercials still informing what is going on then maybe more people would talk about them making more people aware of the commercial then many more people would be able to go look up the ad or commercial and go watch it, then that’s how the word gets around and so many more people will be gladly to help because they aren’t depressed of the issue. Its all about the images and the wording they use but I think they can make more appealing commercials so people can watch them more than once.


Annotated Bibliography
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