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What is a monster? Is it a something that scares a person by having fangs or claws? Or is it something that just scares a human being? Yes, monsters are things that does have a motive to scare other individuals in many ways.But, in today’s culture, monsters can be specified as human beings also. Human beings such as Adam Lanza, a mass murderer who was the main cause of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. So many lives were taken that day and some of the causes were because of how Lanza had a hold of guns, mental health, and also on how there were not many guards protecting the school at that time.

The main thing that is the cause of most mass murders are the use of guns. Adam Lanza used multiple guns during the shooting and after the police checked his car there were more guns. Adam Lanza was a 20 year old who had entered the school after the doors were supposed to be locked and he opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Adam had killed 20 children who were at the ages between 6 and 7 years old. Not only did he kill innocent children, but he killed his mother before he went to the school and also 6 other adults who worked as teachers at the school. After he had shot many people and took many lives, Adam had took his own life by shooting himself in the head.Related image

This was scary and frightening to even think about because what if my 7 year old sister was at her elementary school and some random person decides to shoot everything that crosses his path. It gives me anxiety not knowing if that will happen or not. Putting myself in one of the victims parent’s shoes is also a difficult thing to go through because having to lose one of your children is the most hurtful things that can happen. The only thing that did the most damage in the situation were the guns. The guns fell into the wrong hands which then led to a mass murder attack on little children who did not deserve to die. Guns do not hurt people but people who use them in a wrong way hurt people. This mass murder is a good example of how guns were given to the wrong person and because of that it resulted in a many lives being taken away because of how he acted and handled situations. After people found out that Adam had a hold of many guns, they enforced the gun law on how there should background checks to all the people who are buying the guns. In an article called “FACT SHEET: New Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer” it says, “ATF is finalizing a rule to require background checks for people trying to buy some of the most dangerous weapons and other items through a trust, corporation, or other legal entity.”This is a great idea to enforce the gun law so that the guns won’t be given out to psychopaths or crazy people out there. Also, the amount of how many deaths there are in America will go down if guns were only to be given to specific people.

Another thing that affected this culture from the shooting is programs that offer help to mentally ill people.In other words, reaching out to someone or helping someone who looks like their going through a rough time can easily change things. People who are mentally ill usually have crazy thoughts that they keep in their head and emotions that one holds back which leads them to do crazy things. For example, Adam Lanza had a mental illness called Asperger syndrome. Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder affecting the ability to effectively socialize and communicate with other people. With this information on Adam it had opened eyes for many people because  having a illness which gives a person a hard time to talk to other individuals is very difficult to manage. If Adam had this illness of course he had thought in his head and no one was there to talk to him . The other things about Adam Lanza was that he was very addicted to past mass murders. Nothing more creepy than having a strange addiction on people who killed a huge amount of people. If programs were made before Lanza decided to open fire on the school then the possibility of him doing what he did could’ve never happened. Giving ways on how to express more and how to handle the mental illness can help drastically. After the Shooting they made a guide on how to handle mental illnesses and how to know if you have it or now.In Booklet called “ Action Planning for Prevention and Recovery” says, “  One of the most frustrating stages of recovering your health is when you realize that you can do many things to help yourself stay well but you can’t figure out a way to do them regularly. It is easy…They developed ways to deal with their need for structure in their lives that actively support their health.”In the introduction of the booklet it gives the reader who is looking for help, a better understanding on how it’s going to help it many ways. Things like these can easily help a person seek what they need or give them tips on how to better handle situations.

Another important thing that has changed was on how there are more guards or police in schools. In other words, having  police officers present on campus in case of something like what happened at Sandy Hook were to happen. By having the police there it can offer protection to students guarding them from threats. There were no police officers present on the morning of the shooting at Sandy Hook and that was the biggest mistake. Lanza easily passed the doors without any sort of resistance and went off and killed so many people. If police officers were there guarding the school the situation would’ve turned out much different. In a video it shows on how an ex-marine decided to stand outside his child’s elementary school in an act if hope for people.

Many parents find it relieving to drop off their kids knowing that this man is standing outside watching out for any possibilities of danger. After the shooting he realized that he has to take matters into his own hands a show a sense of authority by standing outside the school. It affected him a lot because he didn’t want his children to through what Sandy Hook has went through.

In Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s book Monster Culture, he explains the concept that “Monsters Always Escape”, as he writes, “We see the damage that the monster wreaks, the material remains, but the monster itself turns immaterial and vanishes, to reappear somewhere else” (Cohen). This quote is saying how monsters can go away and vanish only by dying. But, even though a monster from one story dies it can reappear in another story. For example, how Adam Lanza is now called a mass murderer, but in the past there were plenty of other mass murders before him. The mass murderers in the past have died and some are still in jail but now there is a new story about a mass murderer and that person is Adam Lanza.

In Conclusion, monsters are people that cause harm and terror to other individuals. How Adam Lanza killed so many innocent lives all because of guns, his mental health, and how there weren’t any guards protecting the school at the time. Monsters could be mass murderers mostly because of them taking another person’s life and scaring other individuals on how terrible the situation was. The terror they bring can open eyes for so many people and because of that, individuals are finding ways to be safe and how to prevent mass shootings from happening in the near future.


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