What makes a serial killer do the monstrous actions that they commit? Serial killers aren’t born monsters, they are shaped and molded into being monsters on how they were raised in the environment they were given or chose. Once they finish their demonic development they don’t want to stop their evil game till they are caught by justice. Their monstrous stories inspire others to make movies of them to scare viewers for the viewer’s entertainment.

Theodore Robert Bundy was a notorious American serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, burglar and necrophile who assaulted and kill many women and girls in the 1970s. He was also known as Ted Bundy who had the looks and the charm of an angel but the soul of a demon. These aspects gave him the perfect disguise to make him a monster. He was a deadly monster to woman he targeted that never saw it coming. Ted would use his charm and fake an injury to lure women into his monstrous intentions he had planned for them. Gaining women’s trust that he was a good looking man who had a disability and was in need of help was the initiative evil master plan he had in store. After he would gain their trust he would over power them and do what he pleased with them. He confessed to 30 murders and the rest are unknown. What makes him even more monstrous is that he had a wife that was unaware his evil actions. His wife must have been very special for him not to kill her and marry her. Ted is considered a monster to me because he did inhumane things to innocent women for his sexual self-pleasured. Therefore that monstrosity separates him from us. It isn’t normal to decapitate 12 women and save 7 heads as mementos. Nor is it normal in society to groom and have sexual altercations with a corpse. This monster that he has become definitely dwells at the gates of difference. The representation and creation of the monster Ted created is without a doubt outside the realms of culture on conformity. Ted was caught and sentenced to death for the monstrous act of rape and murder of a 12 year old girl. The actions that he performed make him a monster that women fear. Now that he is gone from this world his history of his monstrous acts will help women avoid other monsters like Ted.

Ted claim to be a normal human being growing up as a kid with two loving Christian parents who regularly attended church. There was no fighting, physical abuse, gambling, drinking, etc. in the home with Ted and his parents. Ted also proclaimed of being a good normal guy because he had good friends, never attended bars, wasn’t a bum, and wasn’t a pervert in a sense of where if a person looked at somebody and knew right away that something was wrong with that person. The monster he became didn’t happen overnight, it happened gradually in stages. It all began with his addiction of violent pornography. Teds craving grew and grew for his fetish of violent pornography. Growing to the point that pornography can only go so far till you reach that jumping off point. Ted began to wonder if actually preforming a sexual violence act would cure his craving for it. He killed many women and claims that pornography help shape and mold his violent behavior. After being in prison for a long time Ted learned that most of the men in there that are motivated to commit violence just like him were influenced, deeply involved, and consumed in pornography. Also Ted states that serial killers most common interest is pornography. Therefore Ted insinuates that pornography is a key root motive to his self pleasure violent behavior. Pornography is such a terrible addiction leaving the viewer craving more and more until viewing virtually isn’t enough to the point where you need the real thing some cases men are unable to experience. Many other serial killers were influenced by pornography like Ted Bundy, that helped form there mind into committing horrific murders. Ed Gein who was the first serial killer, aka The Butcher of Plainfield, accumulated porn magazines to go along with anatomy books and horror and adventure novels. Right before Jeffrey Dahmer would kill his victims he would look at naked pictures of past victims he killed, watch porn videos, and look at porn magazines. John Wayne Gracy had a wife who filed for divorce because she noticed John who was becoming different and she had also found his pornography collection of young boys. John had killed 33 young men and boys due to his violent sexual urge for males. Now not to get off subject from Ted Bundy but I wanted to touch base on how pornography influenced these people to be these psychopathic serial killers like Ted Bundy. In a sense these psychopath serial killers would look at anything porn related to get into their sexual psychopath mood. Now I’m not saying pornography caused these psychopathic serial killers to commit these murders. What I am saying is that pornography did play a key role in shaping and molding their minds. Pornography shaped their minds in which they had to make a choice and which many of them chose to commit these violent sexual murders for their self pleasure.

The story of Ted Bundy and a few other serial killers inspired a writer named Thomas Harris to write a horror novel “Silence of The Lambs”, which later on came out in movie theaters. The main character of the movie is Buffalo Bill who has some similarities with Ted. Buffalo Bill uses the same technique as Ted Bundy. They both play the role by pretending as a handicap man who is in need of help. For example Ted Bundy would wear a cast on his arm targeting women to assist him till the women let their guard down, so he could kidnap them to rape and kill them. As for Buffalo Bill there is a scene in the movie where he uses the same technique as Ted by using a cast on his arm. Buffalo Bill appears helpless with his cast and ask a young woman to help him load a arm chair in his truck. Of course the women helps him because he is helpless. When the women enters the truck Buffalo Bill locks her in the truck and drives off to kill her. Another movie with the inspiration of Teds story is “American Psycho”. The movie is full of Ted Bundys references. In the movie the main character Patrick Bateman is influenced by Ted Bundy’s famous mannerisms. Patrick’s crimes in the movie are mirrored to Ted’s, such as Patrick’s gruesome murder of prostitutes in the movie. Ted and Patrick have similar characteristics such as being externally handsome on the outside but psycho killers on the inside.

In conclusion, Ted Bundy was a normal person growing up, but he let violent pornography take and consume his life. Violent pornography shaped and molded Ted Bundy into a psychopath serial killer, who thrived and craved the sexual violet killings he committed. Ted Bundy has influenced many horror films from his technique and style of committing horrific crimes. Violent Pornography didn’t make Ted Bundy commit those crimes, it gave him a choice and he chose to be a monstrous killer.


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The information of the source provides us of what made Ted turn into a monster. It indicates how violent pornography influenced Ted Bundy to be a serial killer. The source talks about how pornography helped mold and shape Ted to kill. Also shaped not just him but to many other serial killers as well.

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On this source it talks about how Ted Bundys story influenced many scary films. The movie “Buffalo Bill” was mainly influenced by Ted Bundys story with many similarities. The source indicates more in depth of the similarities of Ted and “Buffalo Bill”.