“You can do this, you know how to drive, never give up”, this is what my dad told me. When I was growing up the idea of driving and being able to go where ever I wanted was exciting. Being in the back seat made me eager to jump toward the front seat as I got older. During my junior year of high school, my parents thought that I was ready to take the first steps to getting my driver’s license. Although I was still excited to try and learn to drive, there was also a fear inside me that thought that I wasn’t ready and that I would crash if I was behind the wheel. Both of my parents and different family members gave me useful advice while taking my first steps to driving, but I knew that it would take a while for me to finally be ready to go for my license. Taking online classes on the rules of driving was my first step which took me a while to finish the class because although I was able to work at my own pace, the lessons were long and I lost interest in trying to do it. Eventually I got through the online courses which allowed me to get ready for the permit test, and that involved more studying of the rules and getting ready to take another test. With enough studying, I was able to pass my permit test the first time and got my permit which I was very happy and also nervous because I knew what was ahead. This is where my sponsor of literacy came in which was my dad and although it took time, he helped me learn how to drive.

When I got my permit, I wasn’t eager to drive, but my dad still wanted me to get comfortable with the process of driving.The parking lots that we would go to made me feel like this was too easy. The car felt comfortable and getting to know the size and how much space I needed was very useful. Slowly I was getting used to it. I eventually took one driving lesson with an instructor which was weird for me because the instructor had pedals for practice driving. However, it definitely helped because I learned different things that I could use for driving and one thing that the instructor had reminded me was to stay relaxed. My turns when driving weren’t as smooth and I didn’t feel relaxed, it eventually got better with time. Some time had passed when I didn’t get practice because of school and I eventually let my permit expire which meant I would have to restart the process all over again. I was sad because I didn’t want to try again, but my parents gave me confidence and I needed to take my permit test again which I passed again.

I was scared to drive again because it was almost a year before I started to drive again and I didn’t have confidence in myself. My dad kept taking me for practice and I slowly started gaining my confidence back, this led to me taking my first driving test, which I was nervous and was thinking the worst. During my test, my heart was pounding and I was focused on not missing any directions from the person testing me,  I was doing fine until I made an error near a stop sign because I didn’t know the drivers in the other lanes had the right away. “You failed, you can go back and make another appointment”, this is what my driving instructor said.

It took me a while to get back into driving because I didn’t feel like I could do it again. I took another lesson from the driving instructor, “You know enough to drive, just relax and be careful with signs”, my instructor gave me confidence. My dad told me “You clearly know how to drive, just pay more attention to the smaller details while driving”. I took the driving test again and it was with the same person I took it with last time, I was just as scared as before and found out that I failed again because of a shoulder check on a bike lane.

I was frustrated at myself and just felt like giving up and would tell myself that I couldn’t do it, but my dad kept encouraging me and told me that I will keep taking the test until I pass. I had more practice with my dad driving around the DMV practice area and starting gaining my confidence back. The third time I was getting ready for my test, I wasn’t as nervous and just felt like getting the test over with, this time I had a different person with me to take the test. I felt like everything was going fine as I was nearing the end of the test and came to the end by parking in a stall. My instructor wrote some final notes and quickly said “you passed”, I was overcome with joy because of the long process it took for me to pass, she reminded me that my turns should be smoother because they didn’t feel as straight. I understood and thanked them for the advice, I walked out of the car and told my dad that I passed and he was proud. I then drove us home and got to tell my mom who was also excited and the rest of my family who were all very supportive. My dad being my sponsor of literacy was very important to me because it was a long journey to learning how to drive and he helped me throughout the process.

This type of literacy was very important to me because I didn’t know anything about driving and was scared about the idea of it. My dad being my sponsor was huge for me because he knows how difficult it was for me and I felt like giving up which he didn’t let me. This process was also during college which I am now driving to school and work which is huge because I no longer need my parents for it. I am really proud of myself and know that I still need to pay attention when driving and it gets easier with time which I didn’t think it would. This literacy made a huge impact in my life and I will carry it as it helps throughout life.