Have you ever played a first person shooter and been killed by someone you didn’t even see, well welcome to Rainbow Six Siege. The game that has at least five sight lines to every spot in the map. Rainbow Six is a very complex game with  lots of things to learn as a new player. If you have never played a first person shooter, then good luck. Not only do you have to be good at aiming with the controller to shoot other players but you also have to deal with ; drones, trip wires, bear traps, barbed wire, smoke, chemical grenades, riot shields, barricades, and mounted weapons. There are many other fortifications as well as attacking abilities such as breaching charges and emp grenades. When I first got the game I had to play through the three short tutorials. The game teaches you the basics “Press and hold square next to wooden walls to reinforce, you only have two”. “Aim down sights and press circle to lean right or L three to lean left”. ”Use your drone to mark and identify the enemy by pressing and holding down triangle”.  After that I played through the eleven situations which are there to help you learn the game even further, almost as if an it where advanced tutorial.

At first it started out rough, looking around has a bit of lag to it like a battlefield or destiny type feel.  It took a bit for me to get use to since I am a religious Call Of Duty player and have been playing that game non stop since I was seven, I am now twenty. Call Of Duty  has a smooth feel to it when you aim from left to right. In the situations you have an objective to complete and your playing against the AI. Though you are playing against the computer these situations are not easy. The computer AI will miss the first couple shots on you, so you better hurry up and shoot back. AI hits almost every shots after its had you acquired for a little while, if you haven’t dealt with the enemy yet you better know where he is. You have to complete the objective and you also earn rewards for certain things like finish with over fifty  health points or kill two enemies through surfaces. They start you out simple with a breach and clear mission, kill five enemies. Next is an extraction, find and rescue a hostage. Then you have a high value target mission, find the objective and blow it up. The situations basically repeat themselves after that, they just become more difficult.  After you play through all eleven of the situations and you feel that your getting better you get one last mission that is cooperative online. You have been task to storm a college campus that has been attacked by terrorist using chemical warfare. Then infiltrate and destroy the objective. This is not easy at all low visibility makes sure of that. This is where the game shines, it makes you think outside the box. Since they send so many enemies at you and you do not regenerate health you have to find a good hiding spot where you can still take the enemies out and not let them destroy your bomb. This is a very difficult missions and you are going to need to communicate with your team if possible. The best way I have seen to do this is to rappel on the side of the building, hang upside down and aim for the lower body. This makes it so you can shoot at them but they can’t see you so well or at all. After beating that mission  there is not much left to learn. There is no campaign in this game like Call Of Duty, just these situations and multiplayer.

Multiplayer is a five versus five one life per round, first one to tree rounds wins the game. You switch sides between defending and attacking  because. The game has been out for two years and I have no previous experience with a similar game. This makes it brutal, everyone knows where to be and where to look. I have to not only learn the map layout but also the mechanics of multiplayer. You can break small holes in walls and create a “kill hole” where you catch someone coming around a corner while your on the other side of the wall looking through a hole. Things like this make the game very difficult because I don’t know where someone might set this up and I don’t know where to do it for myself. I am way behind the curb in the game and I know it, it’s on year three and has seven more years of downloadable content coming to it. This makes for one of the most competitive games I have played in a while. Playing this game with friends is one of the most enjoyable this I do. You can get up to five people and play either a ranked game based off skill or casual which is just random players. You must purchase operators in this game to play with, each operator has a special ability and certain weapons. Choose wisely who you unlock first, only one player can pick an operator per round. Some operators are good to run as a team, for example Thatcher and Thermite. Thatcher has emp grenades that disable enemy traps so that Thermite can get close and blow a hole in the wall. Or if you are defending one might choose Bandit and Jäger. Bandit sets shock traps on reinforced walls so that Thermite can not get close, while Jäger sets up trophy systems that destroy incoming grenades such as Thatcher’s emp grenade.  Picking the right operator and communicating with your team can be the difference between winning a losing. You have to work as a team in this game to win, there is no other way.