Everything people have done has always started out with a first time. First time walking, running, riding a bike, driving a car, etc. And for most of those first times the person was horrible at it. SxS stand for side by side. An SxS is an off-road vehicle that holds two to four people at a time. Ever since I could remember I always wanted to have one, but my dad was not really into it so we never got one. When I got older and had enough money to rent one I decided to tell my mom for her birthday I was going to rent one for her. She was all excited. I think I get my adventure side from my mother. Because my dad can be boring sometimes.

 It not that he thinks off-roading is boring, but he thinks it is a waste of money. He would say, “it takes good money in to scrape”. He thinks it is a waste of money because they are not cheap. And after you get one it is not like a car where you can just go driving with it. Well you could but if you crash you would get hurt. So, when you do buy one you have to buy upgrades to protect yourself from harm. It is also, some money to maintain these units, and when something does go wrong with it then it is not cheap to fix.

Anyways, I looked online for about three weeks to find the perfect one. Finally, I found it a white two-seater Polaris RZR 1000. This thing had most of the upgrades. New PRP seats, four-point harness, Bluetooth speaker, lighted whips, American flags. The whole nine yards. I called the guy up and set up the date to pick it up. It was only a day rental so we picked it up on the morning of the day, and dropped it off the next morning. I live in Wrightwood and the RZR was in Murrieta. The drive takes about an hour and a half. Since, living it Wrightwood pretty much all around us are great trails. We decided to go to Phelan the town over and ride the trails out there. The day before it had rained so there were water puddles every so often. We left the house around seven and did not get to ride until ten. When we first took it off the trailer my mom drove. Because it was her birthday present might as well let her enjoy it. Then it was my turn to drive. When I first got in the driver’s seat I was a little nervous, but then I thought to myself, “you have driven off road before yeah, I might have been in a car, but how different could it be.” Oh, was I wrong! When I stepped on the gas pedal the tires starting to spin, and are heads flung back to the seats. That was the moment I realized this unit had a lot of power behind it. I started to drive it more and more. Finally, getting used to the throttle. I was comfortable. Then I decided to do a donut. That would probably be the worst decision of my life, because as soon as I turn the whole things leaned, and bam right on the side. I opened my eyes and I could not see anything. It was kind of hard to breath at first with all the dust in the air. So, much dust I could even tasted it. While the dust was settling down I yelled to my mom, “Are you ok!?”

  My mom answered, “Yeah. Ae you?”

“Yeah. I hope we did not break anything,” I said.

“Yeah. Dad would kill us if we did,” my mom replied.

This may sound bad, but I crawled out to the RZR first, so when my mom had to come out I could help her. After we got out we decided to take some time to get a hold of ourselves and then decided to flip the RZR back over. It took a couple tries but we managed.

When the vehicle was back on all fours we looked and it to see if anything was broken. Lucky for me nothing was. The only thing that was wrong was when we flipped the side mirror folded inwards, but all we had to do was fold it back out. This is the reason why people need to put upgrades to RZR’s. Because if something was to happen then you know you would be able to get up and walking away from it. Not end up in a body bag. If the person does not die from the crash then, they have to deal with the after math of the crash. People have to see if the can fix the RZR or is it totaled.

If it is totaled then there just went thirty or forty thousand dollars, but if they could fix it up then there goes thousands of dollars down the drain. The more I think about it the more I can agree with my dad, but it is fun so screw it. Now that I have been driving the RZR more often I can finally do proper donuts

One of the most important things I learned through the experience was that not every vehicle drives the same. Most cars might be the same on the road, but off the road everything drives differently. I learned that before I should have driven the RZR I should have learned more about. Like how the center of gravity is higher than normal which can cause the unit to tip. I also learned, that it is not a good idea while you are turning to step on the brake and turn at the same time. If you did this it would cause your front end to drop, and make your back end slide out and raise up. Which in the end causes the unit to flip.