Whether you’re at school, home wherever you may be at, you never cease to learn something new everyday. Those individuals that take their time teaching us something we never knew before. However, there’s one specific person who taught me how to become a good driver. She’s someone who is very dear to me, and has taught me many things. What really stood out to me the most was my mom teaching me how to drive. I’ll never forget the first time she took me out to drive, it was a scary experience but exciting at first. It is fun driving and all, but in reality it’s something that you have to take serious. That’s why I got my mom to teach me how to drive, well I think she’s one of the best precautious drivers that there is out there. She’s always telling me how I have to be very cautious when I’m driving, and I like that about my mom.

          When my mom first took me out to drive in her Kia Soul, she took me to this place by the city of Ontario airport, it’s where most truck drivers learn how to maneuver their trucks. Luckily, when me and my mom got there, their was no truck drivers. At first, I didn’t know where we were going or what was happening. It was all unexpected what she was doing. But when we got there, all of a sudden my mom said, “I’m going to teach you how to drive, so don’t feel scared or nervous.” I was nervous of course, and I did feel scared but I knew that nothing bad was going to happen. When I was behind the wheel I was a bit nervous, but after a while I started getting the hang of it, my mom had taught me everything she ever knew about driving. And what was even cooler, was that we came across some coyotes who were blocking the street from where we were driving. I’ve never seen coyotes that up close before and not when I’m driving either. My mom got mad when I started honking at them, like at least I didn’t kill them that would’ve been worse though. My mom is someone who doesn’t like to honk that much when she’s driving and I understand, but when something is in the way or doesn’t move then why not honk. When I’m in the car with her and she’s driving, I always have the urge to honk, but she insists, she will honk once in a while only when she needs to. She doesn’t like it when I drive fast too, I  drove really fast just for the fun of it, when she was with me, she was mad. But even if I’m driving the speed limit she still thinks I’m going 100mph.

            My mom is more of a patient person when she drives, and that’s what makes her a good driver, I feel like I could learn from her as well since she rarely gets pulled over or even get a ticket. She’s such a good driver that in a hit and run she chased off the truck that took off to get his license plate, and we had just bought the car too, it was a brand new Nissan Quest. It was crazy because at that time no cops were around and we were going like 100 mph and ran a cou


ple red lights, it felt like it was part of a movie or something. My siblings were also in the car which I thank God nothing happened to us that day. But that was a long time ago way before I knew how to drive. That’s the type of stuff that scares me when I’m driving, you never know what might happen when you’re out there driving. That’s why learning from the best can be very helpful when you’re learning how to drive. My mom goes from here to there when driving, she goes to three different schools to pick my siblings up from school, she refers herself as a taxi because taxis are everywhere. It’s funny when she says that cause it’s very true. That’s why I loved it when my mom taught me how to drive, if it weren’t for her I probably would’ve never learned to drive. Learning how to drive with my mom was such a great experience for me it taught me many things. I learned a lot from my mom, during my first time learning how to drive and they’re unforgettable. 

       Driving could be fun at times, but there’s those times when I get frustrated and start yelling my head off because of some drivers who can’t drive. This drives my dad crazy every time he’s driving, when ever I’m with or anyone he gets angry at the driver in front of him, it’s kind of funny. My mom is a totally different person like I mentioned before, she’s a much more relaxed person when she’s driving. I feel like I’m somewhere in the middle when I’m driving, I don’t get too loud or I’m not too calm. Just honking once in a while is okay for me, only when it’s necessary for me to. It’s very different driving with two different people, but I do like how my mom is such a careful driver, it’s good how I learned from her. Learning from my dad though would’ve probably been a different story, I also would have wanted my dad to teach me but since of work and stuff, it would’ve been very different. However, I’m very grateful for my my mom teaching me how to drive, I felt more confident about myself when she taught me how to drive. Even though I felt like I would suck at driving but she taught me many techniques when you’re out driving. If it weren’t for my mom, I probably wouldn’t be able to drive as good as her or wouldn’t be able to at all. It was a fun experience having my mom teach me how to drive and she will begin ton teaching my younger siblings so that they could be as good as her.